Understatement Of The Year

From GOP candidate for Illinois Attorney General Paul Schimpf in a meeting with the D/A editorial board:

“It’s the attorney general’s job to be an independent voice for the citizens…The politics in our state are broken and we need a transformation.”

Well, do tell. Are you saying Lisa the Nep isn’t “independent”?

Um, no.

“There are some consultants in the Republican Party that are saying you need to attack [Lisa Madigan] personally and make the argument that she should be in jail…I don’t believe that and I’m not going to do that.”

Well, bravo Paul!

Whatever “consultants” are saying that need to be fired because they have obviously never heard of Identity Politics or Barack Obama. Yeah, advocating for a mother of young children to be sent to jail makes a whole lotta sense—if you are brain damaged.

And don’t forget, just as it is not possible to object to any policy of Obama’s except for racism, it will not be possible to object or criticize Lisa Madigan without being labeled as a sexist.

This is the world we live in—blacks and women claim they want “equality”, but they really don’t. What they want is a holiday from reality and a pass from the scrutiny and criticism that is part and parcel of our democratic society.

Paul Schimpf understands that, even if other GOPers don’t.

And really, isn’t it a pity that Paul is running in this no-win race rather than one where he could shine and be an “independent voice for the citizens”?

He’s an impressive guy—who will lose, but let’s hope he continues on to run another more winnable race.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

11 thoughts on “Understatement Of The Year”

  1. Schimpf is a breath of fresh air like The Woz-er and Bill Broom -it brings back the old Morthland slogan “Let’s Make Illinois Great Again” to mind.

  2. Bill Broom fresh air? That guy has been involved of every of politics and is batting a swell .000

    I’m really hoping “The Woz” can beat Smiddy…Woz is a great candidate.

  3. OK, I get that some who comment here don’t like Eric Reyes—but so what? Reyes isn’t running for anything and any reference to him will be edited out.

    Don’t you people have more important things to think about now?

    Um, like Bustos, Jacobs, Verschoore (who the hell is running against him—or is he just too damned awesome?) and Smiddy.

    Focus people, FOCUS!

  4. Why do you keep reference Eric Reyes in your posts then?

    Pot meet kettle….

    Ed. Note: The last post I had about Reyes was February 28.

  5. Hey was referenced April 3rd…

    “2. Who knew Mike was a Reyes-type constitutional libertarian?”

  6. Hey, you got me man—feel free to ignore QCE or start your own blog like NotQCExaminer.

    But either way, don’t think you can dictate content here—I do what I want regardless of political pressure. If I could hold on in the face of Democrat/Union death threats, I can certainly manage the mewlings of the Shillites.

    If you want to start a I Hate Eric Reyes blog—that’s your right. Just don’t demand I march lockstep with your ideology.

  7. Shemp is like WOZ — both are losers. Democrat Madigan and Smiddy are going to bury Republican Shemp and WOZ . Heck, Crazy Eric Reyes has more of a chance of being elected than do the aforementioned fools!

    Ed. Note: In the future try not to be a moron—if you keep this up, your destination will be Spam Hell.

    You decide.

  8. I don’t think Broom was trying to dictate anything. His point was you say no more talking about Reyes, but then do so yourself.

    As long as they aren’t personally attacking Reyes, why can’t the talk about him? He’s a political figure and it goes with the territory!!

  9. So then no more talk about Hare or Morthland because “they aren’t running for anything”??

  10. Illinois Review is reporting that Illinois senate Democrats killed a term limit proposal in committee. Yeah, so shocking, I know.

    But at Schimpf’s interview with the D/A editorial board linked above, he had an interesting idea about term limits:

    “…instead ‘of wasting money’ on the [term limits] amendment campaign, Republicans should take the lead by making term limits a party policy…The change would mean that Republicans in office would commit to only serving two terms…and after that, would either have to run for higher office or step down.”

    If nothing else, we’d find out how serious the GOP is about term limits.

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