Voter Fraud In The Early 20th Century

March 31, 1914:

The Woman’s Local Option League held mock elections in three churches and at the West End Settlement to instruct women how to mark their ballots in the coming election.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Voter Fraud In The Early 20th Century”

  1. G, that was for federal elections.

    According to Wikipedia the Illinois Municipal Voting Act was passed (barely) on June 26, 1913 which allowed women to vote for presidential electors and all local offices not specifically named in the Illinois Constitution. The first election with this law in effect was in April of 1914, but separate ballots and ballot boxes were required for the ladies.

    I’m sure this set-up greatly reduced any chance of voter fraud—or maybe it would just help the men to right any wrong those dithering, empty-headed women might commit.

    EE, there were two ways for me to interpret “to instruct women how to mark their ballots” and naturally I chose the most provocative one.

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