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Stormy Monday with The Woz


The Woz milked two tweets out of this Illinois Policy link.

The first tweet: Madigan’s broken pension promise: Savings from #SB1 fall short by $23B

Well surprise, surprise! This SB1 was mostly a political document that was meant to pacify Moody’s and S&P; it in no way seriously addressed the massive pension problem. But what else did you expect in Democrat-controlled Illinois? I’m sure they thought they were being heroic for even doing anything at all.

The next tweet is also about the pension nonsense: More than 80% of SB1 savings occur from 2035-2045

A good rule is to ignore any statement that claims X savings in 30+ years. It is just an attempt to dupe the rubes and is in no way predictive or even factual.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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