The Bustos v. Schilling Steel Cage Death Match II

QCOnline has a story about how Bruce Rauner and his wife are spending their personal fortune in order to help fund GOP candidates. Among those receiving their bounty is Bobby Schilling to the tune of $20,800 and Neil Anderson $10,600. Hey, what’s the Woz—chopped liver?

Schilling also has moved up to the next level of the Young Guns program, along with various anti-abortion endorsements.


On the left side, Cheri Bustos has received $124,000 in TV ads courtesy of liberal Super PAC Center Forward.

In the past Bustos has denounced Citizens United and “shadowy groups” that are “trying to buy our elections”, which I believe Obama said several years ago—but better late than never that Cheri got the memo.

Naturally, half the fun of politics is calling out your opponent for hypocrisy, which Schilling’s Mouthpiece did with gusto:

“Congresswoman Bustos tells her supporters that Super PACs are evil, but then she happily takes their support when they say nice things about her on TV.”

If there was no such thing as hypocrisy, politics and politicians wouldn’t exist.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

29 thoughts on “The Bustos v. Schilling Steel Cage Death Match II”

  1. Timmons is way off the mark again…

    Schilling has not received any money from a Rauner Super PAC. Schilling has received money from Rauner as an individual contribution, but not even half of the $20,800 Timmons stated.

    Man the liberal QC media is getting really sloppy. Good thing we have QCE to “set em straight”. Oh wait….

  2. Hmmm, not sure where I got the Rauner “super pac” business, but taking another look at the QCO link, it’s not there now—if it ever was.

    I’ll correct that even though ToC is being a total @sshole about it, and although in the scheme of things, I don’t think it makes all that much difference except in the interest of accuracy. I still don’t get the sensitivity to Rauner’s money by ToC, but whatever. Since I don’t have an exact number and too uninspired to look at the ISBE, I’ll leave it.

  3. The Woz should reach out to Rauner and abandon any weird misplaced Rutherford loyalty. He might be able to get some help from Brucey. GO WOZ!

  4. Damn, girl. QCE’s been a blogging maestro this weekend… lots of good content. Keep it up!

  5. Maybe TOC was just so surpsied that QCE was regurgitating the Hare-Dispatch drivel so freely w/out any fact checking?

    We gotta be on top of our games so we don’t fall victim to “circular firing squads” or letting the Hare-Dispatch slam DA WOZ with false truths!

  6. Maybe Timmons was throwing a line out to see whom bites? Maybe he needs to meet with Bloom to get the real story about what’s going on. Our Editor kudos to, for freshening up issues.

  7. You Schilling fanatics have no shot. Congresswoman Cheri Bustos has the money, the manpower, and the message to defeat the 1% er Schilling. Senator Mike Jacobs will crush Neil Andersen and State Rep. Mike Smiddy will defeat “The Woz,” whoever that is.

    Get ready to lose republithugs.

  8. Woz as chopped liver? Wow, not sure which way to feel sorry for him. Should I pick the fact that he chose to be a “Dan Fan” and paraded around as Morthland’s last hope for relevance or that QCE gives him a pity party when no one finds him inspiring or wants to invest in him. Maybe one leads to another.

  9. At least Bobby ran for the same seat. Can’t say the same for Neil or Woz, who are just a few elections and party change away from being the next Eric Reyes.

  10. Who are you talking to Amateur Hour?

    Wait… Are you under the impression I’m Reyes?

    LOL! Just because I know the guy and like him because we think alike doesn’t mean I am him.

    I mean, we all know you’re Terry and Schweppe but nobody thinks you’re one person.

    Maybe you kids really DO need some adult supervision over there.

  11. Nobody loves you like you do. It’s obvious when you post because you can’t help but talk about…well, you.

    When is the next Reyes campaign by the way? I can’t wait! I hope Abe Levy gets involved in a real campaign next go around. He has real potential as a campaigner, but a bad candidate is a bad candidate. Nothing he could do. Poor guy.

  12. You guys crack me up. You believe whatever you want. Nobody is who they say they are, not even QCE according to your paranoid ramblings.

    I can’t wait to see karma finally take it’s course, broski. 😉

  13. Thanks for approving my comment and getting back to me quickly, LV. Appreciate it. 🙂

  14. I’ve been hearing that Bustos is flooding the zone in the QCs with the $124K media buy. Does Schilling have the ability to punch back twice as hard, or is he leaving the field for Bustos?

    Or maybe waiting for The Flawless ™?

  15. It’s a Super PAC, not Bustos directly. Funny, though, considering how much she publicly “hates” Super PACs…

  16. Yes dear, we know it is a “Super PAC” because I mentioned that fact in my original post.

    I also mentioned Schilling’s Mouthpiece called her out on this.

  17. Congressional Leader Cheri Bustos is already running tv ads and doesn’t plan to stop until election day. Where are Bobby’s tv ads? I also heard her new radio ad. She did a great job in the ad of pointing out why Bobby should never be given back his cushy political job in DC. Bobby is no Cheri Bustos!

  18. It’s obvious that Super PACS are going to come in earlier for an incumbent than for the challenger. (See last election when Schilling was incumbent his Super PAC ads came first).

    To pretend like this is Cheri running a better campaign than Schilling is just ignorant.

    Geesh….the blog is a hoot!

  19. 1. Bobby’s Super PACs didn’t win the day for him in ’12 when he was the incumbent

    2. ?????

    3. Bobby wins!

  20. Bobby “I need a job” Schilling hasn’t seen the ball since kick-off. If the “Flawless” wants to run an effective political organization look at what Democrat House Leader Mike Madigan is doing for Smiddy.

    Rep. Smiddy is getting it done. He’s raised the campaign dough, attracted the political muscle that is AFSCME and as a result is ready to rumble with WOZ. The question becomes, WHAT WOULD BOBBY DO DIFFERENT THAN SMIDDY AND CHERRY?

  21. Schilling’s Mouthpiece takes a break from playing Office to fire off a press release about Bustos and her hypocrisy on Super PACs.

    We’ve been talking about this for days, but better late than never.

  22. LV, thanks for the video—besides being hilarious, it gave me an idea of what happened during the ’12 election cycle when I was out of the loop. Bustos was obviously so insecure and wedded to her pre-programmed talking points that she could not wing it—kinda like Obama without his teleprompter.

    The only thing I didn’t get was all the stuff about food—did she really mention all that?

  23. I don’t really remember if Bustos talked about food much. I think it was more making fun of her utter lack of substance and tendency to feature people eating in her early videos/ads. To be honest, I didn’t really pay much attention to that race though since there was no viable liberty candidate in it. I didn’t get curious till I saw the circular firing squad taking aim on a daily basis.

    How could that not get my attention? I honestly think they should serve popcorn at the RICO GOP meetings. Especially whenever someone decides to object to anything on the agenda. The Robert’s Rules of Order pissing contests that ensue are top notch entertainment. 🙂

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