Noe Gurlz Aloud

Politico has a story about how Bruce Rauner is using Mark Kirk’s playbook and several members of his staff in order to win in November.

According to Kirk, the path to victory for Rauner is no Obama-bashing, being a social moderate and a fiscal conservative.

But buried at the end of the story the GOP Circular Firing Squad came out to take a few shots.

Jim Edgar, who obviously backed Dillard, says Rauner is “scaring” people and was not vetted sufficiently during the primary, so that a potential mine field exists:

“One other unknown is on some of his business dealings…I’m sure there are as many companies they bought and sold, there’s stuff there that won’t look great. He has not really been vetted on that.”

Then there is former Obama minion, Ray LaHood who said he “despised” the way Rauner attacked fellow Republicans during the primary. Of course LaHood voted for Rutherford even AFTER all the scandal stuff came out, so that says something about LaHood, doesn’t it?

If Hypocrisy Olympics exist, LaHood needs to enter pronto! He has no problem attacking Rauner in the most vicious terms, but how dare Rauner defend himself against the attacks by LaHood’s darling Rutherford and other losers.


What is going on here is a concerted effort by the GOP branch of the Illinois Establishment Party to denigrate and marginalize a candidate who does not belong to their exclusive club. You almost get the impression they would rather have Quinn win and continue with one party Establishment Party rule than let an outsider take a crack at the multitude of problems the Establishment Party has created for the state.

In Illinois, it’s not really about Democrats and Republicans, it’s more like a school where teams are divided into shirts and skins, and they compete against each other, but they all still belong to the same school.

Mark Kirk gets the final word:

“[Rauner] is a Republican in a Democratic sphere…If he ties his shoes wrong, the Democrats can always find a significant number of commentators to be offended at how he has tied his shoes. There’s a whole offended industry that will be ginned up to speak heavily against him in the coming campaign.”

Because, after all, these Democrat “commentators” belong to the Establishment Party, too.


Author: qcexaminer

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