Mr. Dithers Was A Democrat

Yesterday Gov. Pat Quinn laid out his budget in an address before the legislature. Among other gems, Quinn announced that he wanted the massive “temporary” tax increase of 2011 extended. Democrat leadership—Madigan and Cullerton, immediately jumped on the tax extension bandwagon.

QC Democrats—not so much.

Both QCTimes and QCOnline got reax from the local lawmakers.

At the QCTimes, Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs said it was a “tricky situation”…“We cannot continue to compete with neighboring states while we lay off police officers, take financial aid away from students and close Veterans’ Affairs field offices and veterans’ homes.”

Gentle readers, you will immediately see this as a classic example of Washington Monument Syndrome. How dumb does Mike think we are to believe everything in Illinois has been cut to the bone except police, students, vets, etc.? Oh wait—I forgot! The 36th was gerrymandered specifically for Democrats! That explains a lot, doesn’t it? And really, who believes the reason Illinois can’t compete with neighboring states is that it doesn’t grab enough from taxpayer’s wallets? Jeez Mike—who’s your audience here—public employee unions?


At QCOnline Mike was more circumspect saying before he made a decision on the tax extension “I’m going to listen to my constituents” who I assume are mostly living off other people’s taxes.

But then in a surprise move, Mike admitted that people “don’t believe politicians anymore” (if they ever did) and that it might be “wiser to make the cuts and let the public see what they look like”. And as with the Obama administration during the shutdown, the Illinois Democrats will make sure the “cuts” will be the most painful to the public possible, even if they are the most unnecessary. You gotta break a few eggs, etc.


Verschoore evidently has just gone politically insane. A while back he signed a No Tax Pledge, but now he’s Mr. Waffles.

According to QCTimes, Verschoore is unclear about the tax extension, but now says he has “no problem” voting for the millionaire’s tax with the proviso that “The only downside of that is I’m hoping it won’t lead people who make a million dollars to set up residency in another state.”

Wowser! For Verschoore, “hope” is now a legitimate policy position. Insane, I tell ya.

Over at QCOnline, Verschoore is Mr. Flippity Floppity Dithers on Steroids, saying “It’s going to be a tough call…I want to see some more figures on what we’d have to cut if we don’t extend [the “temporary” tax cut].

Verschoore is Exhibit A to Mike Jacobs’ lament as to why “people don’t believe politicians anymore”. The RICO GOP had an effen’ golden opportunity to take this hack out this year but—dysfunction happened.


At the QCTimes, Shiddy Smiddy says he likes extending the “temporary” tax increase but isn’t sure if there are enough Democrat lockstepping lemmings to git ‘er done.

Quoth the Shidster:

“We’ll just have to look at it and see what they bring us in the Legislature in the next few months…It’s all going to depend on what programs are in jeopardy.”

…Like the Washington Monument! A real Profiles in Courage representative for the 71st District!

The Shidster basically repeats the same theme at QCOnline saying he’ll have to “see more details on spending plans”.


Here’s what I think:

1. Illinois Democrats got to gerrymander the state just the way they like it, so that none of these people are facing much of a threat by voting for “temporary” tax extensions—the 71st might be the exception since I was told this was a “swing” district”.

2. The public employee unions have been hollering about “raise my taxes” for years, and the Democrats in Illinois are more afraid of Big Labor than they are the taxpayers.

3. Democrats are never about cutting programs, they are about expanding them, which is why the coming years will be Tax-a-thon Valhalla.

As my governor so eloquently stated: Get out while you can or be prepared to pay out the keester for the privilege of living in The Land O’ Lincoln.


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6 thoughts on “Mr. Dithers Was A Democrat”

  1. Springfield establishment mouthpiece Rich Miller agrees with my #1 above. Because of the extreme gerrymandered map created by and for Democrats, they have little to fear from the electorate when they raise taxes—and if you believe only millionaires will take it in the shorts, you believed if you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan.

  2. Rather than a Daily Woz, I’ll just link to Woz’s statement about Quinn’s budget here in comments.

    This was a really well done statement. Rather than blather on about the usual talking points, i.e. Quinn lied, etc. The Woz makes a point of building on his experience as city councilor for North Liberty, Iowa, where he says they were able to lower taxes yet still improve roads, schools, parks, public safety, etc.

    Go to the link to read the whole thing, but in my view, this is the juicy quote:

    “The problem with Pat Quinn and my opponent is that their fear mongering makes the faulty assumption that every dollar currently spent in Illinois is done so perfectly. This is a false assumption.”

    Well, ain’t it the truth!

    Neil Anderson also made a statement of sorts on his Facebook which goes over the basics that Quinn lied and Jacobs voted for the massive tax increase in ’11, but concludes:

    “I don’t think the Governor should be asking the hard working people of the 36th district to pay for his mistakes and the mistakes of his party.”

    Well, OK, but maybe it’s time to step up your game some, Neil.

    As for the 72nd—who knows? Will the lame and feckless GOP ever appoint someone to challenge the politically insane Verschoore or are they just giving the Dems a freebie?


  3. … when business people look to come to Illinois, they look at taxes, not how many cops we have, unless those are FBI “cops” looking to bring down the Chicago Democrat mob.

    Maybe we get a new governor, that investigates, interrogates, prosecutes and incarcerates the union and their bought politicians. Then there is hope for Illinois … still a lot of debt … but we have to renegotiate those corrupt public pension deals.

  4. Yours is the first mention I believe I’ve ever seen suggesting these juicy union deals be renegotiated. I suppose it is because the unions—and possibly the courts would see this as a “diminishment” which is barred by the constitution.

    But still, it might be a way forward—if Rauner wins.

  5. According to Rich Miller, Quinn, Cullerton and Madigan had been meeting privately for days before the budget address to negotiate the details.

    Juicy quote from the link:

    “Before the speech, Speaker Madigan warned his House Democrats during a closed-door caucus meeting to ‘keep their powder dry’ about the governor’s proposals. Madigan doesn’t want his members getting too far ahead of the game and making statements that they might have to take back when the velvet hammer comes down on their heads later in the session.”

    If you ever wondered why Illinois sucks as hard as it does, that quote would be a good starting place. Madigan can’t have House Democrats tell their constituents what they truly think, or tell the truth that this was all worked out by only three people in the entire government—oh, no! House Democrats must forget all that in service of the “velvet hammer” by being mere Madigan Mouthpieces.

    That really explains a lot of the mealy-mouth non-answers given by Verschoore and Smiddy shown above, doesn’t it?

    All this TAX! TAX! TAX! stuff being out in the open leads me to believe that the good people of the State O’ Illinois will FINALLY learn the hard truth of what is costs to live in a tax and spend Blue Model state.

  6. Being in caucus with Madigan must be akin to the wedding scene in the Godfather. What a power player.

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