The Daily Woz

Woz up in the 71st District?


The Woz:

Please support Jim Wozniak for District 71 Before the End of the Quarter

Well yeah, those yard signs don’t just appear overnight by magic—open your wallets, people!

Interesting information at the link:

“This campaign received more votes in every county of the 71st District than the man slated to face us in November.”

That would be Shiddy Smiddy, and here are the vote total breakdowns by county:

RICO: Woz 2490 v. SS 1653
Carroll and Henry combined: Woz 723 v. SS 374
Whiteside: Woz 3011 v. SS 1109

Impressive, no?


Illinois Policy:

@AmandaVinicky The break-even point where effective meets marginal is $22,000

The link is about the “progressive” tax proposal introduced by Don Harmon (D-Greedhead) and how it has been calculated that “anyone with at least $22,000 in taxable income would see their total tax bill increase”. What a shock, eh—it’s not just a Tax The Rich ™ scheme, it’s a tax the bejeebus out of everybody scheme.

Go to the link to calculate how much the hacks and dullards in Springfield will be grabbing from your wallet if this “progressive” tax comes to pass


Reboot Illinois:

Here’s What You Didn’t Know About #Retirement & #Pensions: #twill

This is really a great link so see for yourself since I can’t really do it justice abstracting it.

Thanks Woz!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Woz”

  1. The Woz is exciting cause he’s new! Maybe he will roll out something even newer with Mr. Archibald his CM? I wonder if the “Bill Bloom for GOP Grand Unstuffed Chair” will get behind The Woz? Still trying to figure out if the Broom is a “Schillster”. Will the Broom “speak” or “sweep” to this? Or will a surrogate utter a word, perhaps! At any rate, go Broom! Go Woz for sure!

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