Just A Typical Kenyan Politician

Kenya’s Peter Wanyonyi

“President Obama, like most Kenyan politicians, loves beating about the bush and avoiding the real issue”.

The link goes on and on about how Obama is just like Kenyan politicians. This is why Al Gore invented the internet—so we could get a global view of people and events and not be forced to rely on the New York Times white male liberal East Coast view of the world.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Just A Typical Kenyan Politician”

  1. You could say most USAmerican politicians fit that moulding mold. Obama is just really, really good at it. One of the few modern politicians that charged straight ahead wearing his thoughts on his sleeve was George W Bush. And that did not work out so well for him. Too many voters are marionettes waiting for words to be placed in their mouths by others. And too many politicians are Rudy Russo – greedy power merchant wannabes looking for a little taste of power and money.

  2. That was my thought exactly—you don’t have to be Kenyan politician to beat around the bush and avoid an issue—you just have to be a politician!

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