Regrets, I’ve Had A Few

Bobby Schilling spilling his guts on WQAD about lessons learned over the last two years since his defeat:

“I probably would have tried to reach across, not only to Dave Loebsack, but other Democrats in the area; tried to work a little bit harder with Senator Durbin.”

Anyone who believes the Dick Durbin would be all that interested in working with Republicans in general, and specifically someone who knocked out his babysitter has probably been smoking too much Hopium. But we all have our vices, don’t we?

But whatever. Schilling goes on to vow that if elected he won’t take the “Cadillac” congressional health care or pension, just as he did during his first campaign. But so what? Bustos isn’t either.

For those who previously thought Schilling was too much in the squishy middle, by his own words, if Schilling is elected again, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

24 thoughts on “Regrets, I’ve Had A Few”

  1. Can you link where Bustos said she wouldn’t take the healthcare or pension? Thanks QCE!

  2. You’re making me work too hard here. I don’t remember exactly where I saw it, but I think it was local and I blogged about it because Schilling was trying to ding her on it and she checkmated him on it.

    As you know, her husband has been with the RICO Sheriff’s office for years and she gets her healthcare insurance from the RICO taxpayers via his plan.

    Also, from what I remember from the Hare regime, he would have not been eligible for a pension as congressman unless he won a third term—which thank the gods, he did not. It’s enough an insult that he gets a taxpayer funded pension by way of being Hare’s lackey for 24 years.

    She may not have explicitly renounced the pension—I just made that up. The healthcare thing is true, I’m just too lazy to be your damned researcher.

    Isn’t that why Schilling pays you the big bucks? πŸ˜€

    Ed. Update: I googled congressional pensions and I remembered correctly: a member must have served at least 5 years to be eligible and must be 62 to collect, so for Bustos, this is a moot point until she is on her third term.

  3. She’s never pledged not to take it. She just uses her husbands because its currently cheaper. If he retires or worked somewhere else, she would easily go on the congressional.

    Sloppy reporting…or blogging I guess you call it.

    Also not paid by Schilling…don’t work for him either….more sloppy reporting.

  4. I’ve been called worse than “sloppy” by both Schillites and Phil Phreaks, but you are just playing word games now with the “PLEDGE’ shtick. Bustos did say she would not accept federal government health insurance. Is that a “pledge”? Beats me, but I count that as a statement of intent, if nothing else.

    As for the pension bit, see my note above; Bustos will not be eligible for a pension until she has won two more terms. Does she have to “pledge” something that may never happen? Beats me, but if you are grabbing on to this as a campaign issue, you are in deep doo-doo.

  5. Given Bobby uses the free clinic in Rock Island County, who cares which goverment body pays for his families healthcare?

    Ed. Note: It’s great to see that some topics are evergreen and won’t die even if you cut them down, run them through a shredder and set fire to them. Thanks for the hoot Randy!

  6. My point is that if you look at the House webpage and look in detail at Cheri’s disbursements you can see she is participating in government Thrift Savings Plan. So you are WRONG there.

    Second, Schilling signed a pledge not to take any of the above. Bustos did not, and you’ve yet to produce a document or link quoting her that she would never take it.

    But hey…you can always just name call or “blog”….that usually works doesn’t it?

    Its not a campaign issue, b/c I DON’T WORK OR HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE SCHILLING CAMPAIGN. (I capitalized it in hope it might help you comprehend it)

    Ed. Note: Well alriiighteee then! Schilling has my (illegal) vote! And thanks for being my faithful fact-checker. πŸ˜‰

  7. I am surprised at Schillings non-campaign to this point. Reyes still fills up my Facebook page and he isn’t even running. Schilling barely put out a post.

  8. Team Schilling must think their campaign still isn’t “flawless” enough. If it’s anything like Hare’s final campaign, The Flawless ™ will kick in around August. πŸ™‚

  9. I checked my archives and sure enough I had a post about how the Dick and his Dem posse ganged up on Schilling on the idiotic train business. The Dick was quoted in the QCTimes as saying that “some House members didn’t read the bill and didn’t understand the impact.”

    Did Schilling capitulate on the train funding? I’m thinking he did, and if he really believes now that the Dick Durbin will work with him except for when Schilling would vote for Durbin’s leftwing agenda, I’d say Schilling is delusional.

    Durbin was never going to work with Schilling or any GOPer when he knew the Democrats in Illinois controlled the redistricting and that the 17th CD could return to its glory years under Democrat control.

    I’m convinced that Schilling and a whole bunch of other Illinois Republicans are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

    Schilling needs to look for another excuse rather than “gee, I should have kowtowed more to Durbin”. Dick Durbin is all about advancing the leftwing agenda—is that really what the 17thCD wants?

    Evidently, Schilling believes it is so.

    Here’s the link to my post about the train idiocy from 2011.

  10. You have to wonder how many of the people stirring the pot are actually Bustos supporters. Heck Reyes has come out full guns supporting Schilling and other Republican candidates. Just today he was promoting a Schilling meet. Smart move on his behalf, if he is sticking with the Republican party long term. At his age he can always swoop in for the nomination another year and I don’t see the big b unseating Bustos this year.

  11. Can we all PLEASE stop hearing about Reyes running for ANY office? He’s tried THREE TIMES now to get on a ballot and has been unable to get enough valid signatures all three times.

    As Examiner would say “WHAT A HOOT!”

  12. Well yeah, because we all know the future of the GOP is with boring, middle aged white guys, not with young libertarian Hispanics.

  13. If he is the future, why can’t he get 500 REPUBLICANS sign a piece of paper to get him on the ballot?

  14. S, I don’t see “the big b unseating Bustos this year” either. Especially considering the fringe issues his campaign has promoted thus far.

    It could be The Flawless ™ will blow us all away when it suddenly appears, but I’m thinking Zzzzzzz/

    Surprise me Shillites.

  15. Fair question NNTH, but we’ll have to see how Bobby Bustos does this year in order to judge. If Schilling flames out, it’s a whole new GOP world out there, innit?

  16. If Schilling “flames out,” I think most of us will give up on Illinois and join you down in the land of freedom and prosperity. If Eric “Roethlisberger” Reyes wants to try another run after we all peace out, he can try to get his 500 signatures then.

  17. Lets see what our observant editor thinks about Bill Broom (sp)? running against Steffen for the RICO GOP grand mother goose spot? Broom was/is a closet (do bars have closets?) Reyes guy, maybe this signals some new blood and initiative in the RICO GOP? Let’s hope so! Remember Mark Lioen?


    Well ah….where do I begin?

    This is just another RICO GOP typical example. Look at the Dems….nobody runs against Doug House. They keep their house in order. Then you have the GOP who keep running against each other for local spots and making each other look silly.

    I know competition is a good thing, but sometimes you just have to keep your house in order. Like the Dems do…you never see them trying to take each other out. The understand the taking one for the team aspect.

    Maybe Bloom figures a 5th time is a charm? (Lioen for State Rep x 2, Anderson for State Rep, Schilling For Congress, Broom for County Board)

  19. Actually, I didn’t know what to think. I had the D/A link saved thinking I could blog about it, but since I am not an insider, I didn’t know what to make of it.

    I assumed it all had to do with some sort of internal struggle between factions, but beyond that—?????. Now that HTGT has brought this up and out in the open, I am hoping some of my more connected readers can fill in the blanks.

    What caught my attention at the link was that Steffen wanted to take back the 71st and 17th CD—evidently 72nd is a lost cause, while Bloom wanted to concentrate on local and state races. Frankly, I’m with Bloom on this—the RICO GOP is in serious need of getting its grassroots game going and maybe let the GOP of Peoria and Rockford do some of the heavy lifting on the 17th CD. The D/A article mentioned that while the RICO GOP had a full slate of candidates for the last election, now they are back to just a paltry few—and this is supposed to be a big year for the GOP—at least according to Schilling.

    But one thing Doug House said that should go double/triple for the RICO GOP is that his first term accomplishment was developing “outreach efforts to minority communities”. The RICO GOP, heck the national GOP can’t let the Dems get the “minority communities” by default.

  20. Bloom is the new wave according to some, if he is new, then he is not part of the old. Meaning he is not a Schillster. Perhaps he is a Woz-ite? or Carpentier renewed. Evidently, he could not beat Banazek, can he lead the RICO GOP out of a wet-paper bag? I wish him luck, go Bloom!

  21. Bloom not a Schillster? He used to be his District Director, Arsenal Consultant, and I’ve seen him at almost every Schilling event.

    Broom has been a “Lioener, Schillster, Anderson-ite, and County Board Candidate”. I guess now he’ll be a “fearless leader”?

  22. Trumper, you must be a “Schillster”. Broom is bold, bald ,and promising! Who says switching candidates and candidateitis is a bad thing? I heard he went from Rutherford, to Dillard, to Rauner, he shows flex. Just like some Dems-, to Independent, to Republican. From Obamacare to TEA. So What? You are lame Trumper.

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