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March Madness with The Woz!

The Woz:

Sweet Sixteen! Go Iowa State! #Cyclones

Illinois Policy:

Illinois has added more people to food stamps than payroll jobs since January 2011

This is about the failure of the massive tax hike in 2011. Besides the food stamp increase:

1. Unpaid bills: $7B
2. Interest payment: 3.5 times higher than ’11
3. Credit rating: downgraded 5 times since tax hike
4. Pension debt: still unsustainable
5. Unemployment: third highest in the nation

So what did Madigan recently put forward as a solution to fund education? Tax the rich! How novel! How original! How worthless! Reset time!

The Woz:

Senate confirms controversial prison chief

This is in Illinois and frankly, I’m beyond shock when this sort of thing happens, but the one thing I did find interesting in the link is this:

“Among the no-shows for the [senate committee] hearing…Mike Jacobs (D-Dodger)”


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