There Must Be Some Misunderstanding, There Must Be Some Kind Of Mistake

“Median earnings for women in the 17th Congressional District are 30 percent lower than men’s earnings according to a new report released by Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-NARAL)”.

This “report” is titled “Poised for Success or Scraping by: How our Economy is Still Failing Women” and it boils down to yet another “report” promoting raising the minimum wage to $10.00+.

There are two things I don’t get about this “report”:

1. Except for a brief Schilling blip, the 17th CD has been controlled by liberal Democrats since 1983; the State O’ Illinois has been controlled by Democrats for a decade; and Rock Island County, which is the core of the 17th CD has been controlled by Democrats for 40+ years. So how the hell did they let this travesty happen to women—one of their primary constituencies? Who is accountable for this gross negligence and plot to hold down women and keep them enslaved? Blago? The Jacobs family? Gianulius? Phil Hare? Lane Evans? Who has allowed this gross injustice to continue? Democrats need to step forward to explain themselves and their discriminatory policies for the last decades and heads need to roll. Pronto!

2. Has anyone actually seen this “report”? Eric Timmons didn’t seem too curious about getting a look at it, let alone demanding it be put on the internet for all to see since I’m sure it was paid for with taxpayer $$$$$. How do we know it says what Bustos says it says? What neutral entities, if any, have tested the methodology and checked the facts and numbers? Isn’t it curious how uncurious the establishment press is about such things? If Bustos presented a report stating the sky was made of cheese, would Timmons take it at face value because, if a Democrats says it, it must be true?

It is clear that the GOP:

1. Needs to get a copy of this “report” and fact check it for truthfulness, and

2. They need to determine which Democrats have been waging a War On Women, lo these many years and see they are punished to the full extent of the law—or at least driven out of office.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

11 thoughts on “There Must Be Some Misunderstanding, There Must Be Some Kind Of Mistake”

  1. Thanks for the links LV. The middle link contains a link to this “study”, so I was wrong about it not being available to the public. But still, would have killed Timmons to include the url/link in his report so the general public reading his article could have easy access to it?

  2. There were no exact comparisons listed. Nor were there formulas listed in how they came to their numbers, The last report I read as a nation the differences were no where near those numbers. The report seems vague at best and simply intended as a push for a higher minimum wage.

  3. Examiner,

    I was just in Texas for work training, I’m sorry we couldn’t meet up. I really enjoy your daily Woz articles. They do a good job of getting his name out there, since Jim himself really isn’t doing much. But I’m hoping as the election gets closer, his grassroots staff of Anderson, Wallace and Levy help him get out the vote. We need great reps out there like Jim in office.

    Hopefully he doesn’t puke all over himself like Morthland did.

    Keep up the good work QCE!

  4. A reply to Mr. “T. Holland” is in order. The Woz, Jim, is out there……. I don’t know what you are talking about. In terms of his campaign team, I am sure they are a stellar group of true Republicans with a long pedigree. The RICO GOP does not know what it lost when Rich Morthland went down in 2012, and the Republican Reyes too. Morthland-Reyes-Woz, has a ring? No?

  5. S, this obviously was a political document, not a scholarly work that empirically validated the push for higher minimum wage.

    But the Dems are pushing the wrong end of the debate; in a state like Illinois where unemployment is high, the higher minimum wage will just make it worse; in a state like Texas where there is low employment, it won’t make much difference. It’s called supply and demand, baby!

    There’s a Texas chain called Buc-ees which is sort of like Iowa-80 Truck Stop except just for cars. The one in my town has something like 120 gas pumps and it has food, promotes Texas made products, schlocky keepsakes, etc. and the starting wage there for cashiers, food service and maintenance workers is $11-14 per hour. These are jobs that don’t exactly require a PhD.

    So a $10.10 hour would be a step down for most Texas workers, but would likely send a bunch of Illinois workers to the unemployment office.

    It’s obvious the Democrats have given up on job creation and are now in full demagoguery mode. Increasing the minimum wage might be good politics, but it is bad policy.

  6. Would it be too much to ask from The Flawlessly Lame crowd to give it a rest with the Anderson-Wallace-Levy-Morthland-Reyes shtick since none of these people are running for office? Please, stop busting my non-existing balls with this crap.

    If you want to do something useful, tell us who will be selected, not elected, to run against Verschoore.

    Otherwise, enough already!

  7. I’m confused. Why are people hating on Wozniak? He seems like a nice guy. I also thought his campaign was being run by Archibald. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen him talking to Reyes, Levy or Wallace.

    Seriously, this circular firing squad crap is ridiculous.

  8. I actually don’t think anyone’s hating on Wozniak? I’ve heard that everyone likes him. I certainly do. He’s a good guy. He is definitely endorsed by the flawless ones.

    QCE, we have our disagreements from time to time, but you crack my shit up. “stop busting my non-existing balls” lol

    I heard that Susie Carpentier would have support for 72nd if she accepted the nomination. There’s also a young guy named Alex Fulton who might get the nod. He’s 23 I believe.

  9. And Archibald is also a good guy who’s done a lot of good things for the local GOP.

    Really the only person deserving of being “circularly fired upon” is the former congressional candidate who is no longer involved in the party. See ya later, bro. The flawless ones have real fish to fry now.

  10. Carpentier? Really? Is that supposed to be some sort of consolation prize for the Rutherford thing not working out?

    Carpentier vs. Verschoore: The Battle of the Dinosaurs!

    I say give it to the kid, that way he will have some campaigning experience under his belt, will make contacts within the district, smooze some donors, etc. in order to be set up and ready to go for the eventual retirement/illness/death/abdication of Verschoore.

    Unless Verschoore is found in bed with a Tea Partier—male or female, or a union buster like Art Eggers, he is going to win this round. Time for the GOP to look to the future and groom the next generation to do battle with The Politburo.

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