He’s Not Anti-Union, He’s Anti-Graft

Bruce Rauner:

“I’m not anti-union…When government union power can influence politicians in the contract negotiations for pensions, for pay scales, for health care, it’s a direct financial incentive—in effect as a bribe—with someone across the negotiating table.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “He’s Not Anti-Union, He’s Anti-Graft”

  1. Amen Brudder … and sister

    All this talk of how we can’t touch these sacred union pensions, because “it’s a contract, fairly negotiated” is such BS.

    It was a bribed financial payback scheme, and all involved should serve time. But to be kind, we could settle with them just giving back half the money they stole, and only the polits and union bosses go to prison. Teachers/others can work to 65 like the rest of us schmucks, and save for their own retirement income, instead of getting tenure and coasting on a bloated salary and retiring at 55. 🙂

  2. So Rauner is for corrupt unions? Who is billionaire Bruce Rauner?

    Ed. Note: I’m giving you a pass this time Garvin, but forever after you will have to step up your game or go to Spam Hell.

  3. I am not a professional politician but I once stayed at a Holiday Inn. But if I were running against a forked-tongued candidate like Quinn I would be looking for some Phil Hare moments to use for campaign advertising.

  4. bherms3, for a long time I have believed that Illinois needs to get out of the pension business, the health care business and the union dues collecting business. Pay everyone a decent wage then let then plan for their own retirement, go on Obamacare and force the unions to collect their own damned dues.

    Problems solved!


    S, if Rauner can’t win by pointing out the 67% tax increase, the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the nation, $$$$ billions in unpaid bills, $$$$ billions deficit, and $$$$$ billion unfunded pensions, the 2nd highest state for people fleeing like rats from a sinking ship, etc. he just hasn’t done his job. I’m sure he won’t just be mentioning this stuff, I assume he has some of plan to turn the Ship O’ State O’ Illinois around.

    This would be a slam-dunk for Rauner if not for the power of the public employees unions who like things just the way they are and will fight like demons and spend millions of $$$$ to preserve the status quo.

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