The Flawless Is Unleashed…

…and the buzzword is middle class!

In a statement issued after his uncontested primary win, Bobby Schilling mentioned “middle class” seven times in a six paragraph press release.

Just in case you were too stupid to pick up the import of his meme.

Schilling For Slow Learners! He’s One Of Us!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “The Flawless Is Unleashed…”

  1. By old metrics I’m probably not quite middle class, but now anyone that actually works and is not on welfare is “middle class”.

    Bobby voted to keep a union stranglehold on bidding for government work, which costs the middle class about double a normal rate, and ensures that the unions always have a billion or ten on hand, to keep bribing the politicians.

    Most middle class folks really hate special favors to the union “mafia”, like Bobby voted for … so he is not “one of us”. 🙂

  2. You could be right—the battle for the 17th CD could come down to who kowtows more to Big Labor—Schilling or Bustos?

    Never mind Illinois has the second highest unemployment rate in the country—who will bend over the most for Big Labor?

    Bustos has the abortionists and the Dick Durbin but Bobby has votes for “union mafia”.

    Could be a draw—look for a recount fight this November. 😀

  3. I just wanna know how Terry Schweppe gets away with calling Bustos a “Washington career politician” when she’s been in office less time than Schilling was and she’s been running for the office about half as long as he has.

    He’s certainly better for our district, but c’mon… Could he give us an honest reason why?

    Maybe Amateur Hour can tell us since he wrote the press release (apparently while intoxicated).

  4. Nope. No write in. I just skipped that office altogether. I don’t vote for unopposed candidates for any office.

    Would you like to explain the “career politician” thing now?

  5. I noticed the “career politician” bit too when I was doing the post. I figured The Flawlessly Lame either included the time Bustos was on the East Moline City Council or was doing a Hare-grade bit of demagoguery.

    When Hare was running against Schilling, every time he mentioned him or the GOP it was always accompanied by “extreme” and/or “extremist”.

    You can say a lot about Bobby Schilling—and I have, but he ain’t extreme.

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