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Workin’ together with The Woz:

Congrats to all the primary winners! Now let’s work together to bring Illinois back to the people #Wozniak71

In my view it is a hollow victory when you can win without an opponent, but such is the state of the RICO GOP. From what I can tell they are falling back into their default mode of not even offering token opposition to the Dems in county races. Lazenby is running for county clerk, but that is all—two candidates against Verschoore in ’12, but none now. Maybe the establishment will fill in some of the slots, but how lame is that? Gianulius is dead but he still is awesome.

The Woz is all positive in his message—but I would be Lee Atwater on steroids. If you don’t fight, you don’t win.

Take your pick.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “The Daily Woz”

  1. Where was the “Woz” last night? Not at the RICO GOP. Hmm, maybe with the Morthland-Anderson-Wallace Tartar Convention filling out the NCAA brackets pulling for Iowa.

  2. No, we’re flawless.

    Cool slogans “The Woz” should consider:

    “Do you want Woz with that?”
    “Woz up, Rock Island County?”
    “Woz wrong with Illinois?
    “I’m The Woz. Bitch.”
    “Woz it gonna be, guys? Wozniak or Shitty Smiddy?”
    “Woz the beef?”

    ***POSTERS NOTE: Exhibit H, adult supervision, etc. etc.

  3. There is no doubt that the progressive media acolytes are already busy trying to kill with a thousand paper cuts, conservative candidates. I was reading the Dispatch/Argus election results.And an AP story immediately caught my eye. The story was one of the issues I have harped about for years when it comes to media reporting. They can’t resist using subliminal negative journalism when reporting about challengers to their progressive ideology. The article was titled something innocuous to attract readers to the article. But for some reason they also felt the need for a subtitle. Noe they could have used numerous descriptions to depict the race between Rauner and Quinn; such as Successful business man set to Run against Gov. Quinn. Nope. They reach into their subliminal handbag and pull out a code painting Rauner as not one of the 99%. So they add a needless subtitle to the article that says – Venture Capitalist Rauner to run against Quinn. Zing! The Progressive media acolytes just can’t resist zinging conservative with paper-cuts. Read articles on Rauner and they can’t stop themselves from calling him a venture capitalist in almost every article. Now under normal circumstances venture capitalist would be considered a good title. But in progressive politics it is code word for privileged robber barons. 🙄

  4. HTGT is exactly what I’m talking about. The Woz gives an inclusive “attaboys, now let’s all pull together” message and the very first comment here was some lame criticism of The Woz not being at the “victory” celebration at HQ.

    Same for Reyes, who has been far more gracious to The Flawlessly Lame than I ever would have been.

    Which is why I don’t engage in party politics—-no diplomatic skills and a tendency toward bomb throwing.


    S, Rauner has run an extremely intelligent campaign so far and my guess is that he knows the press is not his friend—how he will counter all this “1% Bruce Rauner” stuff, I don’t know, but I’ve got to believe he has some sort of plan to neutralize it.

    I hope!

  5. I must admit, good blog and good reading Ms. Editor. You beat Bernie Schoenburg by miles.

  6. We the flawless love the Woz. We might dislike Reyes, but that’s because he’s a joke of a human being. The Woz is the real deal and he’s going to beat Shiddy Smiddy!

  7. WOZ is this clown even running? Smiddy is going to run over him.

    Ed. Note: Step it up Garvin or be gone.

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