Tomorrow We’ll Know If Big Labor Controls Illinois

Rich Miller:

“The firm [We Ask America] took those poll results [showing Rauner with a large lead] and then calculated how many votes Sen. Dillard would need from unexpected crossovers to catch Rauner. If it’s a traditional 750,000 voter turnout, Dillard would need 126,060 outside votes to win. If the turnout is 800,000, Dillard would need 135,040 new crossovers to win…”

I love how he describes Big Labor lockstepping Democrat voters as “unexpected” because these votes will be entirely expected from a Democrat special interest that whipped up hysteria and fearmongering about how Rauner was going to unilaterally take away their preciousssssss pensions. With a Democrat controlled legislature, no less.

You don’t have to be brain dead to belong to a public employee union, but if they achieve the goals set out above by electing Dillard we will finally know who controls Illinois government.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow We’ll Know If Big Labor Controls Illinois”

  1. Rainer will be great for Illinois!

    If the rich have more money then everything will be better.

    You have never heard of the poor letting people work for them have you.

    It is the rich that give people the opportunity to work.

    If not for the rich this country would be poor.

    Vote Rauner!

  2. Rauner wins but is it really relevant. To defeat the Overwhelming vote coming from Chicago (living and dead) that will just automatically pull the lever for whomever is listed under the Democrat logo makes replacing Quinn difficult.

  3. I’ve been wondering about that, too.

    Since Quinn can’t run on stuff that is important to the general public, he will use Obama’s playbook in order to demonize Rauner as “not one of us”.

    I guess it will hinge on how fired-up the populace is about Hope And Change with Rauner rather than Business As Usual with Quinn..

    I’ll be doing a post about the class warfare thing if I can just focus for an hour or so—which is always a dicey proposition. 😀

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