Jimmy Carter Wasn’t Available?

Illinois Review:

“Democrat Attorney General Lisa Madigan says her office will monitor Illinois’ primary election to ensure voting rights are protected and polls accessible. In a statement, Madigan says voters should call her office if they suspect illegal or improper activity.”

Oh, like the Black Panthers in Philly who Eric Holder declined to prosecute? You mean to protect minority rights, which in Illinois means the GOP not blacks? You mean you intend to act as the alcoholic guarding the liquor cabinet?

Got it.

Back in ’08 when I was spied upon and harassed by a Democrat official at the early voting trolley in Port Byron, I seriously doubt if I had called Lisa and complained that any action would have taken place.

It’s all about solidarity, the Democrat protected classes—and power, don’t ya know?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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