The Weekend Woz

Weekendin’ with The Woz:

The Woz:

Great game #Baylor but my alma mater the Iowa State #Cyclones are Big 12 Tournament Champions!

I don’t know anything about college sports except that Baylor is up the road a piece, but I have to admit I was surprised to find out it was in the Big 12—it just seems odd.

The Woz:

Today [March 15] is the last day to vote early. Please remember to vote on March 18 if you still have not. #Wozniak71

I prefer Election Day voting myself, and the one time I did early vote was a disaster. For the ’08 primary, I went down to the voting trolley that was parked in Port Byron and that Don Johnston guy was looking over my shoulder the entire time I was voting, then berated me because I didn’t vote for Hare and Durbin. When I explained that I NEVER voted for people who are unopposed, he was incredulous.

Jeez, it still torks me off thinking about it—I should have reported him, but WHERE? All levers of power are controlled by Democrats. Like they say: If you have a problem with Democrats in Rock Island County—you have a problem!

The Woz:

The pension crisis has not been solved. I will help by refusing a pension as a State Rep via @illinoispolicy

OK, here we go again. This came up when Neil Anderson announced he would not take a pension if elected to the senate and my reaction was “so what”, you’ll be getting a firefighters pension so I guess we should congratulate him for not double-dipping–or something.

This sort of pledge worked for Bobby Schilling because he is a private sector guy, but not for Anderson and The Woz who will be getting a pension by virtue of belonging to Local 150 International Operating Engineers. Yes gentle Readers, the Assistant State’s Attorneys in Rock Island County are unionized thanks to the amazing Marshall Douglas, who was not only a top-notch politician, State’s Attorney, all-round good guy and funny as hell—he was also a heavy equipment operator in his spare time. Skeezy perv Jeff Terronez was not fit to spit-shine his cowboy boots.

Whether this issue can be used against Smiddy, I don’t know. All I remember about him was he was Lane Evans’ driver, but if he is double dipping, then away we go! But people who are getting other taxpayer-funded pensions shouldn’t be acting like they will be pension-less by rejecting one when they get to Springfield.

That’s just bad form.


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