He Was Against It Before He Was For It Before He Was Against It

According to Illinois Review, “Americans for Tax Reform released a list of state level elected officials and challengers that have signed their Taxpayer Protection Pledge…[which] is a promise to voters to never vote for or support a tax increase.”

Gentle Readers, you could have knocked me over with a tax bill when I saw Pat Verschoore’s name on the list of 21 lawmakers who signed the pledge.

As you will recall, for years Verschoore pledged on his website that he would NEVER raise taxes or fees. Of course this changed in 2010 when he voted for the massive 67% tax increase, calling it “the right thing to do” and crowing at a candidate forum in September 2010 that he was the only real Democrat at the forum (which included Phil Hare and Dennis Ahern) because he was the only one advocating for higher taxes.

But that was then, this is now and it seems Pat is having second (or is it third?) thoughts. Or did he get some negative polling? Or does he believe the entire 72nd has amnesia? He dodged the bullet in ’12 against GOPer Anderson, but he doesn’t even know who his opponent will be this time—what gives? Deathbed conversion?

Who cares? He has zero credibility when it comes to taxes, so he can sign as many “pledges” as he wants—no one will believe him. The hardcore Democrats may vote lockstep for him but others will see him for the hypocrite he is.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “He Was Against It Before He Was For It Before He Was Against It”

  1. Rep. Pat Verschoore voted against unions and your complaining? Really? Fact is, Rep. Verschoore and Rep. Mike Smiddy are shoe-in in the next election.

  2. You clowns couldn’t muster a token candidate against the political machine that is Rep. Pat Verschoore? At midterm, Rep. Verschoore will retire and appoint Jeff Jacobs as his replacement.

  3. Mike Jacobs “voted against unions” too, but so what? In the past he also crowed about how he voted to stiff their pension funds and spend the money on other stuff, but they still poured $$$$ into his campaign coffers and voted for him.

    Verschoore does have bizarre voting habits, however. He voted against civil unions but voted FOR gay marriage—-I’d LOVE to hear him explain that!

    I also doubt that Verschoore will quit midterm in order to get his son-in-law appointed to his seat. Practically every election cycle, this rumor surfaces. This worked when Gianuilus had absolute power but nobody now has that sort of control and there would be more than a few peeved Dems if the son-in-law leap-frogged over those who paid their dues for this juicy plum position.

    As for who is a “shoe-in” you are probably right about Verschoore; Schilling poisoned the well trying to be king-maker and now the RICO GOP will have to appoint somebody after the primary to run who will be forced to start from way behind. Aside from personality issues, the RICO GOP also has a serious failure to communicate problem, which surfaced in several races. The RICO GOP didn’t become dysfunctional and feckless overnight and it will take some time to get it back on track—if it can even find the track.

    But I doubt Smiddy will be the slam-dunk Verschoore will be since The Woz was running successful election campaigns when he was still in law school.

    So we shall see.

  4. Verschoore will not have an opponent as Verschoore would bring out to many good Dems killing any chance that Schilling could win.
    Verschoore has set the groundwork for bringing Jacobs into his seat. Jeff is a great guy and will do a fantastic job as State Rep.

  5. What the hell does THIS mean?

    …Verschoore would bring out to many good Dems killing any chance Schilling could win.”

    It might be wise for you to cut out the booze after 10:00 p.m. 😀

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