You Don’t Have To Be A Clueless Sexist Pig To Support Bobby Schilling…

but it helps!

In yet another one of those face palm moments contained in a Letter To The Editor of the Dispatch/Argus, some clueless man made this astounding comparison:

“As far as veterans and active duty military are concerned Rep. Cheri Bustos has been a basenji, not a bulldog. A basenji is a dog that doesn’t bark; it just whines.”

Did no one consider that comparing a woman to a dog—a bitch, and a “whining” one at that, would make both the candidate and writer look like troglodyte knuckle-draggers? This certainly fits nicely into the Democrat War on Women ™ meme doesn’t it?

Who vets these things?

But wait! There’s more! This time in the news section of the D/A:

“A bill sponsored by [Cheri Bustos and Bruce Braley] would remove a $100,000 cap on compensation for life-changing injuries sustained by soldiers in combat.”

CHECKMATE Bobby and clueless letter writer! Cheri IS a bulldog for vets and she just took another issue off the table for the hapless Schilling and his even more hapless supporters.

So far Bustos is playing chess and Schilling is playing tiddlywinks.

What’s left for Schilling to campaign on—the fact that he’s reproduced himself more times than Bustos?

The Flawless ™ can’t come soon enough for Team Schilling.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Be A Clueless Sexist Pig To Support Bobby Schilling…”

  1. Saw Reyes posted this on Bustos’s Facebook page where she talked about her proposed bill:

    ***This is a great sentiment and it will be hard to vote against, but some will because of the following…

    Proposed new paragraph:
    “(3)(A) The maximum payment amount described in paragraph (1) shall not apply to a qualifying loss directly caused by a traumatic event described in subparagraph (B). The Secretary shall determine the payment schedule for such qualifying losses as the Secretary determines appropriate without regard to such maximum payment amount.”

    Once again, Bustos wants to pass the buck. She doesn’t want to set a new higher cap or assign a new value to the applicable injuries. Instead she wants to concentrate even more power in a government bureaucrat and let THEM decide. That way her “hands are clean”.

    What happens when the Secretary decides that the appropriate payment for every flesh wound is one trillion dollars? Is that likely to happen? Obviously not. But the point is the same. Bustos should propose a new cap or assign new values to the schedule, not just say “hey, let’s remove the cap and let this person independently decide how much everything is worth.”

    Buck-passing is for cowards. Buck-passing on such a heart-string tugging issue is even more so.***

    A bit harsh maybe, but I think he’s right to look at the actual language of the bill. It’s nice to see someone still calling her out on substantive issues. Hopefully Schilling will adopt this stance.

    Unfortunately, if Reyes is going no-holds-barred on Bustos’s page, that’s a pretty clear indicator he has no intentions of running for anything anytime soon. Not exactly professional behavior, but still fun to watch.

  2. I went over to the Bustos Facebook to see what was going on and what I saw was Reyes in full lawyering bulldog mode. (Is it OK to call a guy a bulldog? 😀 ). Only a lawyer would have the discipline and desire to wade through pages of political legalese dreck in order to find a loophole to attack an opponent.

    Unfortunately this is how legislation is created now; the congress writes up some vague framework then sends it over to the Executive where faceless, unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats fill in the blanks. Obamacare is a classic example of this and I think they are STILL writing regulations for Dodd-Frank.

    But what I also saw at the Bustos Facebook was that Reyes likes to mix it up and is an enthusiast bomb-thrower, which lends credence to your claim that “he has no intentions of running for anything anytime soon.”

  3. Reyes might be acting as Schilling’s VP, since Reyes obviously relishes the combat of debate and mixing it up with the mindless Dems. If you haven’t seen his comments on Bustos’ Facebook go here and follow the threads concerning this issue—Reyes even uses his real name!

    As for the actually bill, while Reyes is correct on his points, this bill is still probably good politics; I can’t actually see Schilling complain about this because it is too open-ended—he would just look petty.

    So Bustos will probably win this round.

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