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The theme today in WozLand is if you like your dysfunctional government, you can keep your dysfunctional government by voting for Democrats.

Illinois Policy:

Illinois had the 6th-lowest population growth in the nation in 2013

Obviously Illinois needs to do more to pander to illegals in order to get their growth numbers up—Illinois already gives driver’s licenses to illegals but more must be done! Since the middle and upper classes are fleeing Illinois like rats from a sinking ship, illegals are Illinois’ only hope!

The Woz:

Illinois taxpayers stuck with huge interest payments

Juicy quote from the link:

“Illinois and Massachusetts were the only states in the nation to end fiscal year 2013 in the red.”

Obviously, Illinois needs MORE DEMOCRATS in the legislature and executive—we can’t let Massachusetts beat us in this critical category!

The Woz:

Illinois deficit at $45 billion

Come on Illinois Democrats—$45B is CHUMP CHANGE—you can do better!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “The Daily Woz”

  1. If I didn’t have most of my family connections and financial effects tied up in the Quad City I would have looked for another place -outside of Il. – to live long ago. Tax and Spend leeches are overly abundant in Illinois.

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