You Don’t Know Me

Barack Obama at a townhall for Spanish language media to discuss Obamacare and promote enrollments was challenged by a viewer on the economics of it for low-income people who are now forced to buy comprehensive health insurance:

“…if you look at their cable bill, their telephone, their cell phone bill…it may turnout that, it’s just they haven’t prioritized health care.”

As the mother of a Gen Yer, I can say with some authority that they would rather have an appendage removed than give up their phones. They will also not be enthusiastic about being forced into “comprehensive” insurance where men will have to pay for breast cancer care and women will be forced to fund prostate cancer treatments.

Examiner Jr. and I have had “the talk” about Obamacare where he told me if he goes through his employer, it will be $60 out of his check, if he signs up on his own, it will be $30. He is seriously considering going rogue and waiting for the government to come after him for the individual mandate/tax, which seems to always be somewhere over the rainbow.

I know you may be thinking “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” but I rarely discussed politics at home, since Mr. Examiner wasn’t that interested, and the heavy-duty part of Obamacare came into being AFTER Examiner Jr. left the nest and we fled to Texas.

For Obama to say something so ignorant as “just give up your phones to help me out” proves how out of touch he is—and desperate.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Me”

  1. Asking the new generations to give up their cell phones and clones is like trying to pry unused tax-money from a politician. It ain’t gonna happen.

  2. I truly hope nothing ever happens to your kids as I have a two year old. However, unless he has insurance and does not get sick…us tax payers are flipping the medical bill. Someone always pays the bill.

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