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The Woz:

Today [March 11] I participated in a forum held by the IL Alliance for Retired Americans. There was a great turnout and great questions. #Wozniak71

The only account I have seen about this forum was on QCOnline where they place the number in attendance at 40. As for the “great questions”, who knows? The only question QCO mentioned concerning Smiddy/Wozniak was about the $4M that Pat Quinn had given to Augustana.

The Woz:

“I do have a problem when you’re giving public funds to a private entity”.

Smiddy: BLAGO!

Unless you were actually there, I don’t see how the QCO account could help even one voter make an informed choice. But hey, those rubes won’t bamboozle themselves—QCO is here to help!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “The Daily Woz”

  1. WOZ is opposed to higher education?

    Augustana College is preparing for the future by preserving its past. Old Main renovations received state support.

    Now, Augustana is getting a state grant topping $1.3 million to support more campus construction.

    “We’re all in this together,” said Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, who made a stop in Rock Island Monday afternoon. “We truly believe in our students, their teachers and parents.”

    Money comes from the state’s $31 billion Illinois Jobs Now! capital construction program. It aims to grow the economy while improving education.

    It’s the same program that helped to build the riverfront campus for Western Illinois University in Moline.

    Monmouth College will get close to $1 million for similar projects. The public money is designed to spark private investment.

    “You excite our alumni and donors,” said Monmouth College President Mauri Ditzler. “They increase their giving, and you leverage your gifts many times over.”

    That’s happening at Knox College in Galesburg. It’s Old Main building hosted a famous Lincoln-Douglas debate. More than a century-and-a-half later, the campus is driving economic growth in west central Illinois.
    “More than 80% of Knox’s construction, renovation and other core projects are completed by area contractors and workers,” said Karrie Heartlein, Knox College.

    That’s important for private schools that get public support. It aims at bringing more people to Illinois in the long run.

    “They’ll come to our towns, and they will stimulate our economy for years to come,” Ditzler concluded.

    In Illinois, it’s a way to prepare for the future by embracing education, both public and private.

  2. “In Illinois, it’s a way to prepare for the future by embracing education” so graduates can move to another state where there are jobs.

  3. If things are so great in Texas, why do you spend your days writing a blog about Illinois politics? Nothing to do on the dusty plains? Bored out of your mind by songs about dog, pick-up Trucks and heartbreak? Tired of uneducated, toothless cowboys stepping on your toes at Gilleys??

  4. Since Texas is a Red State, I don’t feel so agitated by state/local politics—in fact, a few of my elected representatives are a little too rightwing for my taste. But better rightwing than leftwing!

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