Hoot Of The Day

From Peter Starzynski, a field director for A Better Illinois, promoting replacing the Illinois flat tax with a graduated income tax:

“We’ve seen our state misplace its priorities…And we’ve seen it shortchanging vital services like education, health care, human services, infrastructure and public safety.”

Starzynski doesn’t explain how a graduated tax will magically make Illinois politicians more responsible to the taxpayers and the money they have already “misplaced”. Does anyone really think a graduated tax will generate more income? And even if does, who believes politicians will be more thoughtful, careful and circumspect about how they spend taxpayer money?

What I would propose is that before any changes in taxes, a complete audit of how the government has spent taxpayer money so far should be required. How many Quinn-style $54 million slush funds are really out there? I would think attacking fraud and waste, rather than raising taxes, would be the low-hanging fruit to prevent even more Illinoisians and Illinois businesses from fleeing the state like rats from a sinking ship.

This being Illinois, it ain’t gonna happen, so hang on to your wallets—“misplaced priorities” are coming for your $$$$.

Good and hard.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “Hoot Of The Day”

  1. In the past three years, according to the Austin American-Statesman, almost half of the state’s job growth came in the education, health care, and government sectors. Notice a pattern? These are all sectors that depend, at least in part, on government support. And Perry has taken full advantage of public spending—he managed to fill in Texas’ previous budget shortfall by taking $6.4 billion in Obama stimulus money, more than all but two governors. But that’s all coming to a close: After facing a projected $27 billion deficit for 2013-2014, and with no further stimulus in sight, Perry and Republicans in Austin resorted to sweeping cuts to Medicaid and education in their most recent budget. Not only could that hurt a state where one-quarter of residents are uninsured; it also does not bode well for jobs!

  2. You dishonestly compare apples to oranges. The city I live in has an unemployment rate of 4.5.

    Nice try, though.

  3. Cameron County in Texas has a 10% unemployment rate which is high compared to Rock Island Counties 6.3%.

    Nice try, though.

  4. Since I don’t live in Cameron County, which is on the Rio Grande, I don’t see how that is relevant.

    However, if you want to play that game Michael, Illinois has an unemployment rate of 43.75%

    But so what?

    If Illinois is working for you, by all means stay. I left, in part, because Illinois wasn’t working for me, I was working for Illinois.

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