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The Woz:

We must fight the constant corruption in IL. Clerk’s spouse earned $146K from troubled program

You don’t need to go to Springfield or Chicago for corruption; there is plenty homegrown in Rock Island County i.e. Terronez, Leibovitz, etc. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, which is something to remember in a state like Illinois and a county like RICO, which has been ruled by Democrats for 40 years.

The Woz redux:

There is a cost for bad image. Illinois fiscal reputation cost $80 million more

As if the grandees, poobahs and esteemed members of the elite Establishment Party gave a hoot. As long as they get theirs, who cares what the “fiscal reputation” is or what it costs?

The Woz tres:

As a high school official I love these stories “Wrestler loses match but moves crowd with kind act” kare11tv/1ifAsGP

Hey, who knew The Woz was a “high school official”? Not me. But still, even though I’m not exactly a white-hot sports fan, I got all emotional when I saw this video. It is important to dilute the bile and vitriol of partisan politics with a little humanity from time to time.

Thanks for the inspiration Woz!


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