The Weekend Woz

If you want to work, it’s best to move on from Illinois according to WozWorld:

Illinois Opportunity Project:

As part of its HQ move to Florida, Office Depot is laying off 1,600 employees in Illinois

Illinois Policy:

Illinois continues to trail national jobs recovery

Illinois Policy:

Illinois lost 27,600 jobs in January

But hey, at least Illinois has a lot of people who go to the dentist—at least those who have jobs!

Or taxpayer funded assistance.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “The Weekend Woz”

  1. If elected what would WOZ do other than point out the obvious and complain about it? What is WAZ’s plan?

  2. Hey dumbass—-ever notice my multiple links to
    Go there, then click on the “Issues” link and all your questions will be answered!

    Jeez Randy, don’t make Democrats look even dumber than they are.

  3. WOZ’s homepage claims he’s going to cut teacher pensions, cut taxes, run government like a business, allow people to carry more guns, spend millions on new roads and improve public schools? So now all WOZ has to do is show us how he’s going to cut $1.6 billion out of Illinois Budget (reduction of income tax from 5 to 3.5)? Well, go ahead WOZ do tell.

  4. Do I look like The Woz? No, I do not. If you have questions about The Woz’s policies why ask me? How the hell would I know? I thought I made it clear I am not associated with him or his campaign in any way.

    Instead of throwing a hissy, why not email The Woz? Go to his website and click the “Contact Us” link.

    Jeez, you leftwingers are completely helpless without some authoritarian figure to tell you what to do and where to go.

  5. I finally got a look at the Issues page and just as I suspected, Randy suffers from the typical Democrat malady, lack of reading comprehension.

    But whatever.

    Hey Randy, there will be a candidate forum today at the university that Mike Jacobs gave us (with our own money), so why don’t ask The Woz yourself?

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