Karen Kinney: Protecting My Right To Vote Early And Often

In an op-ed at QCOnline, Rock Island County Clerk Karen Kinney touts her accomplishments and lists her top priorities:

“We have also delivered on our promise to make voting more accessible [and]…Ensure expanded access to voting by protecting the right to vote.”

I can personally vouch for Kinney on these counts. While searching for information at ISBE, as a hoot I decided to check to see if I was still registered to vote in Rock Island County, and surprise! surprise! I certainly am!

I had thought Kinney was going to go through the voting records after her election and weed out the deceased and departed. If she did, it was done with the typical Democrat effectiveness and efficiency.

It’s probably too late to apply for an absentee ballot for the primary, but there’s always November!

Thank you Karen Kinney for protecting my right to vote!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Karen Kinney: Protecting My Right To Vote Early And Often”

  1. I checked the RICO Clerk’s website to see if they had a database that I could search to see if I was still registered to vote, but they don’t.

    But from the looks of it, you have to request in writing if you want your name off the rolls. Who the hell writes letters these days?

    Then there was this: “attempts to vote in another election jurisdiction will be considered a request by that voter to cancel or remove their name” from the rolls.

    Is a Texas election jurisdiction good enough?

    I’m not going to do it now, but after the primary I’m going to call the Clerk’s office to see if I really am still registered to vote in RICO. If so, then I’ll take steps to remove my name—-I wouldn’t want to be any part of some Democrat voter fraud scheme. πŸ˜€

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