In The Interest of Full (Non)Disclosure

Today QCOnline published a letter to the editor from Susie Carpentier touting the wonders of Dan Rutherford.

No surprise there, but unfortunately both the D/A and Carpentier identified her only as the “former GOP chair”, when in fact she is Rutherford’s campaign coordinator in Rock Island County.

I understand why Carpentier wouldn’t want to expose herself as a Rutherford campaign operative, but would have it really been too much trouble for the D/A to tell the truth about Carpentier in the interest of full disclosure?

This is the same way they treat Denny Jacobs; they’ll never identify him for what he is now—a lobbyist, instead they’ll always respectfully refer to him as a “former state senator”.

Hey, those rubes won’t bamboozle themselves—the D/A is here to help!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “In The Interest of Full (Non)Disclosure”

  1. Given Denny is married to Suzy’s cousins I would expect the local press to treat them in the same way!

  2. “Denny is married to Suzy’s cousins”? Really? Gee, I didn’t realize Denny was a polygamist. 😀

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