Fear(mongering) And Loathing

The State Journal-Register:

Greg Johnson, a supply supervisor at East Moline Correctional Center, said he and his fellow union members see [GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce] Rauner as a threat.

“If Rauner were to take the governor’s mansion, we know one of the first things he’ll do on day one is try to take away our rights to collectively bargain…”

Really Greg?

Do you honestly think Illinois is just like Wisconsin? No, it is not. Wisconsin voted the Democrat bums out in a clean sweep and voted in a GOP governor and a GOP legislature. Even if Rauner wins, the legislature will still be firmly in the hands of the Democrats, as it has been for over a decade. Even if Rauner was foolish enough to try it, how far do you think legislation to “take away our rights to collective bargain” would go with the Democrats who have been bought by union money?

Get real.

All this reminds me of the last gubernatorial election in Illinois where the Democrats were somehow able to convince a bunch of stupid suburban women that Brady could unilaterally abolish abortion.

With an electorate this stupid, Illinois truly gets the government it deserves.

Good and hard.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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