Because Unemployment Is So Low In Illinois That Employers Are Desperate For Workers

…or something.

From Neil Anderson’s Facebook:

“Don’t you think employers deserve to know if they’re hiring convicted drug dealers? Apparently Mike Jacobs and Illinois Democrats don’t! Yesterday they voted to allow the court to seal certain convictions for dealing cannabis. The bill: The Vote:

As I’ve mentioned previously, I am going in the direction of decriminalizing marijuana possession—even my governor of the Red State of Texas, Rick Perry, is moving to do the same, but drug dealers?

Eh, not so much.

Good move Neil—make Jacobs pay for marching lockstep with leftwing Democrat leadership.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Because Unemployment Is So Low In Illinois That Employers Are Desperate For Workers”

  1. Anderson is a bought and paid for public employee with a massive union pension that will never vote against his own interest. If you think for a moment that Neil’s union boss at AFSCME is going to let Anderson do anything other than but vote for more taxes and such you are nuts!

    Congressional Medal of Honor nominee Bill Albracht should have run against Jacobs again! the only reason he didn’t is that he is married to Jacobs’ mustached cousin!

  2. Whatever. Jacobs is bought and paid for by Big Labor as well. He also marches lockstep with the leftwing wacko Chicago Democrat leadership.

    As long as Democrats control all levers of power in Illinois, Marvelous Mike will prosper—not so much the QCs.

  3. Speaking of Marvelous Mike, what the heck happened to him over the last few years?

    Before I left for Texas he was always saying or doing something wacky and/or stupid—the ultimate was probably when he punched out McCarter on the Senate floor.

    Since that time, he seems to be flying under the radar, and the statements he does make seem almost rational. What the heck happened? Therapy? Meds? Personality transplant? Onset of maturity?


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