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Tweetin’ The Woz:

The Woz:

Please be my guest at my meet and greet with Rich Morthland at the Morrison Happy Joe’s on March 17

I won’t be attending but I did learn two things from this tweet:

1. Rich Morthland, who I believed had retired from party politics, is back from the grave and ready to party—and campaign.

2. Mark Archibald is The Woz’s campaign manager. Archie is a reader/commenter from way back and a favorite—Go Archie!


Sen. Matt Murphy:

“It would hurt the middle class suburban families, there’s no question about it.” Read full article on graduated income tax:

OK, I’m not an economist, but some things are obvious about this push by the Democrats and their Big Labor allies for a progressive tax:

1. Since all benefit from government services, all should pay at least something, otherwise, with all the carve outs, the Illinois tax will end up like the federal tax where 47% pay none at all.

2. Taxing “the rich” more and expecting to get more, is a joke. Rich people know how to avoid taxes, so this “progressive tax” will end up being pushed down to the middle class as Sen. Murphy suggested.

3. Completely detached from reality, the Democrats and the union allies evidently truly believe they can tax their way out of the massive hole they have dug. Good luck with that!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “The Daily Woz”

  1. Why am I getting the vibe that “inside job” is yet another bitterly clinging Schillingbot suffering from Morthland Derangement Syndrome?

    Please dude, if you haven’t already, sign up for Obamacare so you can get the help you so desperately need to fight your demons and MDS.

  2. WOZ doesn’t stand a chance against Democrat Rep. Mike Smiddy. Smiddy is raising money in buckets from AFSCME and teacher unions.

    What does WOZ have going for him? Fact is, Smiddy supports a $10.75 minimum wage hike, and higher taxes, but WOZ is never going to defeat him. Mike Smiddy runs this District. Look out WOZ, you are about to get run over by the Smiddy Express.

    My bet is Mike Smiddy will be our next Congressman and take over where Lane left off. Thank Heavens for Mike Smiddy!

  3. So true, Smiddy is bought and paid for by Big Labor and they will pour massive amounts of $$$$ into his campaign in order to have a puppet in the House that will vote lockstep with their agenda.

    If you want Big Labor to control state government—vote Smiddy!!!!

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