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Woz evidently keeps later hours than the QCExaminer because these tweets were posted after I had retired for the night:

From The Woz:

Happy Casmir Pulaski Day! Yes, Wozniak is Polish and no I am not related to the guy who co-founded Apple Computer Inc.

Thanks for clearing that up Woz! And I got all nostalgic about Pulaski Day back when Examiner Jr. was in school and we would take these little field trips to exotic places like Iowa where we would be greeted with questions like “why aren’t you in school today—are you homeschooled?” and I would reply that this was Pulaski Day and the inevitable question was—“Who’s Pulaski?” Then I’d say “we’re from Illinois” and they would go “ahhh”.

Good times.

Another Woz.:

Early voting began today. Get out there and vote #GOP and #wozniak71 @electneil @Bobby_Schilling

I can only think of one other time when I took out a GOP ballot rather than a Dem one, but I believe if I still lived in the QCs, this would be one of those GOP times, if for no other reason than to vote for reform and Rauner and vote for Truax rather than the Harold Stassen of Illinois, Jim Oberweis. Probably no GOPer will defeat The Dick Durbin, but Oberweis needs to be slapped down once and for all.

Are there any GOPers running in the primary for county office or will all those be determined after the primary, like the candidate for the 72nd? This is the reason I rarely voted GOP for the primary—no action, so no need.


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