I Question The Timing

According to Bruce Rauner’s flack, Rauner was sumoned to jury duty Tuesday [March 3] at Cook County’s Richard J. Daley Center Courthouse.

Gee, how convenient—tie Rauner up in a sequestered jury for a couple of weeks on some long, drawn-out trial.

Nah, not even Chicago Democrats are that brazen. Are they?

In further Rauner news, is this Rauner quote an exaggeration, or is it close to the truth?

“Probably a third, maybe more, or the Republicans in Springfield have sold out to the union bosses…”

I have no idea, but it does make sense that in a state like Illinois where the unions are so powerful and the Republicans are so weak, that they would curry favor—and $$$$ from Big Labor. Unfortunately, there were so few Republican legislators when I lived in the QCs, I don’t really have much background on this.

Please advise.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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