Support Your Government…

have a beer.

According to National Journal, 40% of what you pay for beer goes to taxes, and while there is legislation floating around Congress attempting to lower the federal tax, it ain’t going no where, no how no way any time soon.

Which isn’t that shocking considering how likely it would be that Congress would lower ANY tax.

Of course in this case I’m happy to do my patriotic duty by drinking more beer, but I feel I am still screwing Big Government by drinking only local beer from small breweries, which aren’t taxed like the big guys are.

One of the many things I love about Texas is the many small breweries. It seems like every Hill Country podunk town has a brewery and some of it is quite good—which isn’t surprising considering this part of the state was settled by Germans back in the 1830s.

And Germans know beer.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Support Your Government…”

  1. One less tax I have to pay as I don’t partake in alcoholic beverages. Seems like there should be some good money to be made in counterfeit liquor.

  2. Counterfeit liquor—-you mean moonshine? Here in Texas they actually have jars of the stuff for sale at legitimate liquor stores—unfortunately, White Lightning ain’t my thing.

    But still, as desperate as Illinois is for $$$$ you had better hope the hacks and dullards in Springfield don’t decide to tax Moon Pies and Mountain Dew. 😀


    Yeah moonshine products are actually becoming legal mainstream in some locals. So many mom and pop home brewers it was bound to happen. But they still are going to face heavy regulation and vice taxes from some locations if they go retail. I see no reason why a bar couldn’t save its empty bottles of low end booze and refill them on the sly with moonshine made to a similar taste. Get around all the wacko taxes the feds place on liquor manufacturers. Not legal mind you but as long as a place was wise in the process they would save a bundle on inventory.

    If they would over-tax Mt. Dew (which they are talking a soda tax) it would effect me less than a tax on Moon Pies. I cut my Mt. Dew consumption way back the last year. I refuse to pay over $3 for a 12 pack of soda. I now drink more lemonade than Mt. Dew. In fact the last soda I purchased -last week- was Coke Zero, since I was able to get it for $2 a 12 pack, which should be the highest market price for any soda.

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