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Illinois Policy:

Illinois has the 2nd-highest property tax rate in the nation

It is also #1 in the number of taxing bodies. From my days of living on the plains of Illinois, I remember that the vast majority of the $$$$ collected on the county tax bill went to the schools, yet there is a scheme afoot in Springfield that the teacher pension burden should be shifted from state government to local districts. This might be a workable deal, but part of it would have to include taxpayer relief with a reduction in the massive amounts collected by schools on the property tax.


Another from Illinois Policy:

“A smaller and smaller percentage of adults are working to support the entire state population

No surprise there. With the robust welfare state that is The State O’ Illinois, it is no shock that people are just dropping out and not trying to find work—because there ain’t none in Illinois, anyway. People who want to work are moving to places that actually have jobs. What a radical concept, eh?

The link suggests these steps be taken by Springfield in order to reset (har!har!) the disasterous employment situation in the state:

1. Cut the 4th highest corporation tax in the nation
2. Cut the 9th highest tax burden nationally
3. Reform the 9th most expensive regulatory system in the nation
4. Reform the 4th most expensive worker’s comp in the nation
5. Right to work

OK, let’s be clear here; as long as Democrats control all levers of power in Illinois none of this is going to happen—it would tork off too many of their wealthy and powerful special interests and some of this (i.e. high taxes and regulations) is who Democrats are and what they do.

It also won’t make any difference if one of the Establishment Party Republicans is elected this year—Rutherford, Brady or Dillard, since none of them are running reform campaigns.

Rauner is the only reform candidate and even if he wins, it is going to be a battle with the entrenched powers in Springfield.

Business as usual status quo will be the winner—and the taxpayers will be the losers.


From Jim Wozniak:

All know I am a big movie fan. I have seen all 9 #Oscars nominated for films this year. “12 Years A Slave” will prob win but my fav #Nebraska

I’ve only seen one—the Dallas Buyers Club, and the only part of the Oscars I like is the fashion show at the beginning when everyone is prancing into the event. Girly, I know.

But this tweet got me thinking that I really don’t know anything about The Woz so I checked out his “About” link and discovered he is more interesting than he looks.


1. Worked for Chuck Grassley in DC
2. While in law school at U of Iowa was elected as the youngest city councilor of North Liberty Iowa
3. Was in private solo practice for a while
4. Spent a year in India teaching poor kids
5. Then worked at RICO State’s Attorney office under horndog skeezy perv Jeff Terronez.

Which got me thinking—again! Terronez did more to ignite political activism within his office than any other politician in the county. Think about it:


All became politically active while at Terronez’ SA office.

None are Democrats either and the current SA is from outside the inside—so to speak.

Heckuva job Jeffie!


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  1. Jeez, you Schillingbots are so lame.

    Get a life and try to help your guy move beyond I’m The Pizza Guy Who Reproduced Himself 10 Times and Hates Obamacare.

    Seriously dude, you are fighting the wrong battle here.

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