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Illinois Review @IllinoisReview
@kmrasmussen-Illinois pensioner calls her pay “limited income” #twill

I’ve always thought that all Illinois public employee unions should be consolidated and renamed The Victims Union. Sheesh!


Illinois Policy @illinoispolicy
The top 16% of Illinois taxpayers pay 60% of Illinois’ income tax burden illinils/1fUi1ZW #twill

This is really a good link with all sorts of juicy information:

Since 1996 Illinois taxpayers have paid $8B more to pensions than originally required.

Illinois lost $20B taxable income due to out migration during 2000-2010.

Illinois has:

2nd highest property tax
11th highest combined state and local tax
11th highest total tax burden on % of income
9th highest per capita tax burden, etc.

Just a regular Worker’s Paradise.


Jim Wozniak @WozniakJim
Congrats to the Lady Prophets! Prophetstown, Annawan both earn girls title games…

Annawan won their game today—congrats ladies and now State Champs!
Prophetstown plays later tonight and good luck to them.


Jim Wozniak @WosniakJim
There were 55 houses in my precinct that had a GOP voter in the 2012 primary. 11 or 20% have moved since. 2014 is vital for Illinois and GOP.

Not sure what this means—maybe some sort of code or dog whistle to The Faithful? Did Democrats move into the GOP houses? Did the apathetic? Did the GOPers move to the more GOP-friendly Texas, like I did? Are voters in his precinct just abandoning the GOP? What?

This tweet is really too obscure for my linear brain. Please advise.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “The Daily Woz”

  1. QCE I would take the tweet to mean that 11 people have moved in search of a warmer climate, and a state that does not attempt to punish them for drinking soda. Sad really, Illinois is a great place to live, if one can see over the snow drifts. 😦

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