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Jim Wozniak @WozniakJim
Remember early voting begins March 3! #Wozniak71

Early voting here was February 18-28 with the Primary set for March 4. In Texas “[e]veryone age 65 and older has earned the right to vote early by mail.”

Not sure what the reason for that is, whether they expect geezers to be too infirm to toddle down to the polling place or because there are so many retirees due to no income tax and beautiful weather, they don’t think geezers could tear themselves away from the golf course in order to do their civic duty.

Whatever, I’ll be toddling down to the polling place on Tuesday since I’ve always enjoyed the experience of “real” voting.

Speaking of Texas:

ILOpportunityProject @ILOpportunity
In the Texas vs. Illinois debate, it does not end well for Illinois:

If you haven’t seen the Quinn v. Perry “debate” be sure to check it out. Perry lists all these great things about Texas and Quinn is left to babble about quality affordable healthcare for all, how great regulations are and that Illinois has more people with degrees—which unfortunately doesn’t do Illinois any good since there aren’t any jobs for these degreed people, so they end up moving—to Texas!




Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

8 thoughts on “The Daily Woz”

  1. Illinois provides better health care to to it’s people than does Texas, and Illinois taxpayers earn $29,376 per year compared to $25,548 in Texas.

    Texas trails Illinois in SAT scores, dentist visits, prenatal care, high school graduation and home ownership, but does lead Illinois in the area of credit card debt, carbon dioxide emissions, sub prime credit, toxic releases into water, cancer-causing carcinogens released into the air, the amount of hazardous waste generated and voting-age population that does not vote,

    The good part about about all those executions in Texas? Fewer Texans.

  2. Well, that’s nice Randy but unfortunately Illinois is in a world of hurt.

    What has been described as a bleak financial picture for Illinois, the upcoming budget will call for drastic and draconian cuts to public schools ($1B), public universities ($248M), public safety agencies ($303M) among other stuff. Of course the public employee unions got a 2% pay raise in their last contract so that is money that is sacred.

    Illinois continues to be a financial basket case, which is it is the #2 state for outward bound migration; Texas has 1000 people a day moving here. There are no jobs in Illinois and there won’t be as long as the corrupt Democrat controlled government continues to hoover up every last nickel to pay off special interests.

    But hey, at least the good People Of The State O’ Illinois go to the dentist a lot. πŸ˜€

  3. Given Texas’ unemployment rate is 6.6 and the Quad Cities it’s 6.9, I really don’t get why you moved to Texas? Unless of course you want less pay, fewer healthcare options, to stop brushing your teeth and/or enjoy sloshing in hazardous waste?

    Fact is, Republican controlled Texas has been propped up with federal tax dollars and at the same time mad a living hypocritical railing against the federal government!

  4. There are many reasons why I decided to move to Texas, but here’s just one: today the sun is shining and the temperature is 80 degrees; the temperature today in the QCs is……?

    Ed. Note: Just checked with QCTimes; the temp in QCs is 14 degrees with some sort of snow emergency or something—in March! Yeah, I really miss it.

  5. Well if you moved from the area over weather related reasons why didn’t you move to Florida or Californian?

  6. Taxes are too high in California—Texas has NO income tax. Florida has too much humidity and hurricanes—my part of Texas has neither.

    I said there were many reasons why I moved to Texas; the weather is just one.

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