Ahead Of The Curve

From Eric Reyes Law Facebook:

“When you hire Eric Reyes Law to defend a drug possession charge you’re not only getting a brilliant legal mind, you’re also getting a firm believer that you did NOTHING WRONG!”

Accompanying that quote is a photo of Rand Paul with this Paul quote:

“We went crazy on the war on drugs. We have people in jail for life for nonviolent drug crimes. I think this is a crime in and of itself.”


Of course I agree with all this, but what I initially thought to be a provocative move by Reyes now seems like good and smart marketing. Reyes makes it clear that his clients charged with drug possession will not be judged by him and they will have a sympathetic and forceful champion on their behalf.

Beyond that, it is hard to justify cramming overcrowded prisons with minor offenses—save it for the murderers, rapists, arsonists and corrupt politicians. As has been mentioned repeatedly, the last three of our POTUS have been—in various degrees—admitted drug users. But they got lucky.

I’m convinced this is the path to renewal for the GOP—appeal to the Gen X and Yers by being on the side of common sense drug laws, rather than the draconian policies of the past.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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