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From Reboot Illinois:

Unbelievable! @mdoubekrebootil and her neighbors pay to support 10 (yes 10) separate local governments! #twill

This subject is evergreen—Illinois has the most governmental bodies of any other state, yet since all these little fiefdoms are occupied by members of both parties, every time legislation is introduced to reduce the number, it is shot down—pronto.

Next, from The New York Times:

Breaking News: Despite Rifts, G.O.P Has Election Edge, Poll Finds

Money quote from the link:

“Those stances among voters have not translated into support for the president’s party, a 42 percent say they will back Republicans in November, and 39 percent indicate they will back Democrats, a difference within the poll’s margin of sampling error.”

So it’s really even—if it even is. These media polls are done to create news, not reflect true public sentiment. It’s possible this was commissioned to whip up the Democrat base—or something else. Whatever, I don’t think the GOP should get cocky based on this NYT/CBS poll.

And speaking of getting cocky, Mike Smiddy and Pat Verschoore have introduced legislation asking the State O’ Illinois to fork over $1.5 million in taxpayer money in order to subsidize and entice some unnamed airline to provide direct service from the Moline airport to DC.

Hey, why not? It’s only money and Illinois is rolling in $$$$!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “The Daily Woz”

  1. Duh… “subsidize and entice some unnamed airline to provide direct service from the Moline airport to DC” is not Rep. Smiddy’s top priority. No, that is the top priority of the Republican Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce that pleaded with state Rep. Mike Smiddy to carry the bill.

    That’s right. Democrat state Rep. Mike Smiddy is moving this important bill through the General Assembly to ensure our soldiers and patriots flying to and from Washington, DC have a direct flight. Take that WOZ!!!

  2. I seriously doubt the push for this has much to do with ensuring “our soldiers and patriots flying to and from Washington, DC have a direct flight” unless your idea of “soldiers and patriots” includes politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists and other hangers-on.

    But whatever.

    The D/A is endorsing this project and in an editorial was in full cheerleader mode. I doubt the lack of a direct Moline-DC flight has much to do with the recent problems at the Arsenal, but I was surprised to learn that DC was the #11 destination from Moline airport. I would have thought it would have been much higher considering DC is Las Vegas and Disney World all rolled into one.

  3. You may doubt that “our soldiers and patriots requested a direct flight from Moline to Washington,” but you would be wrong. The Arsenal Generals themselves are behind this push to make it easier for our military to travel between Moline and DC. In addition, this flight will make it easier for former Congressman Schilling to visit his pay masters in DC.

    Rep. Smiddy rules and WOZ drools!

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