The Daily Woz

Also known as Tweetin’ With The Woz.

Today’s tweet is from the Illinois Opportunity Project:

“A soda tax hike would hurt the people who can least afford it.”

Since I don’t do Twitter myself, I cannot retweet this so I’ll be Bloggin’ the Woz instead.

Since the spendthrifts in Springfield are STILL desperate for $$$$ even after the massive tax increase a few years ago, the brilliant political Democrat minds have cooked up a new tax that would be levied at the rate of one cent per ounce on soda and other beverages.

But it seems that the poor and minorities will be hardest hit if this tax passes. According to a Gallup poll last year, more nonwhites drink soda than whites and nonwhites also drink more regular soda rather than diet soda. More low income people drink regular soda, too.

If I understand this correctly, it is only the regular soda that is subject to the tax.

But these politicians never learn—when you tax something, people use less of it and it also causes a Run For The Border states and promotes a black market economy as when cigarettes had the bejebus taxed out of them.

Live and DON’T learn is the credo in Springfield.


It goes without saying that these opinions are my own and I am in no way associated with The Woz or his campaign. Normally I wouldn’t have even thought to mention this, but considering the unhinged frothing-at-the-mouth hysteria from the Schillites and their lies that this blog had been taken over by Wallace-Reyes-Bustos-Pelosi-Beelzebub, etc. I had to spell it out for the Reyes/Wallace Derangement Syndrome sufferers.

If I can stay focused, I plan on making The Daily Woz a regular feature—maybe even daily, depending.

I just hope I don’t put the Howard Cosell Curse on him like I did Reyes and McKinley!


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