You Don’t Have To Be Delusional To Be A Republican Running For Illinois Governor…

but it helps!

GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady was in the QCs yesterday and sat down with the editorial board of the Dispatch/Argus. These are the gems of wisdom he imparted:

1. “I’m the only Republican who will not allow Democrats to renege on the tax cuts they promised.”

2. Abolish the State Board of Education

3. “Work to balance the state budget”, which is mandated by the state constitution, but whatever

4. Abolish the state income tax, thinking that Illinois is just like Texas—or something

5. No minimum wage increase.


Dear Mr. Fantasy play us a tune.

Then last Friday Kirk Dillard has his turn at the Dispatch/Argus editorial board meeting, and he is even more detached from reality than Brady.

Take a look:

1. “I know how to tell Mike Madigan ‘no’ and how to get a Democratic legislature to live within its means.” LOLOLOLO

2. Scrap sales tax on gasoline

3. Repeal regulations that make it hard to do business in Illinois—like that isn’t the Democrat reason for living

4. Supports independent map

5. Supports new capital bill

6. Increase funding for developmentally disabled—why above others?

And here is the ultimate comment of detachment from Illinois reality:

“I want Illinois to be the entrepreneural capital of the Midwest and not the welfare capital of the Midwest.”

Gentle readers, you cannot make this stuff up!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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