Where’s Bobby Bustos?

Yesterday Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced proposed cuts to the military that would shrink it to the smallest since before WWII.

Rob Mellon, Democrat running for Illinois 18th CD immediately blasted out a press release denouncing the cuts, with some caveats.

Meanwhile, back at the 17th CD—crickets.

No press release, but the last thing on Cheri Bustos’ facebook was a status about how excited she was that Illinois was chosen by Obama to be one of the sites for his new, amazing taxpayer funded Digital Manufacturing Institute and she was headed to the White House to share in the joy. Or something. From what I can tell, this amazing new taxpayer funded boondoggle is in Chicago, which isn’t part of Cheri’s district—as far as I know, so I’m not sure how this will
benefit her constituents. But whatever—not my problem, man.

No press release from Schilling on these military cuts either, but his last facebook status was yet another plea for The Faithful to open their wallets for Bobby so that Bustos won’t be able to sell “out the district to the highest bidder”, whatever that means, but I’m sure The Faithful have heard the dog whistle.

I get why Bustos is hesitant to denounce Hagel—she would alienate her Democrat base who believes every single tax dollar should be spent on social justice and social programs rather than national defense. But the veterans, who she claims to “fight” for probably wouldn’t be all that enthralled with Obama’s cuts. In this way she is like Phil Hare who only supported the military AFTER they quit so he could lavish government $$$$ on them.

But I really don’t understand why Schilling hasn’t been as robust in his denunciation of this abomination as the Democrat Mellon, unless he is afraid of making a bad move, alienating the Democrat wing of the GOP, and would just rather wait for The Flawless.

Rob Mellon is what Bobby Schilling used to be.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

11 thoughts on “Where’s Bobby Bustos?”

  1. Ok, far removed from the District and reality editor. Since it is Gum Disease Awareness Month, and your favorite target Schilling did not issue anything on that, what say you?

    Ed. Note: I say Schilling needs more adult supervision at his HQ—this being Exhibit F, since all rational people know that “Gum Disease Awareness Month” is JUST LIKE drastic cuts in the military— in BobbyLand.

  2. I love how you think “press releases” are the end-all, be-all. No wonder you loved Reyes. There’s more to campaigning than sending out bullshit statements nobody reads.

  3. OK, educate me—does Bobby have a stance on this or not? If he considers drastic reduction in our military forces not worthy of a “bullshit statement nobody reads”, that says something about Schilling, doesn’t it? And WTF does Reyes have to do with Schilling’s opinion on military downsizing?

    Please, try not to be such a hack.

  4. I love how Examiner has to bash Schilling for no reason to get people to actually post and respond to this boring ass blog.

    But hey…whatever rocks your boat I guess.

    I fully expect to get the whole “Shillite/Exhibit” defense instead of actually explaining why we allow some sock puppets and not others.

    Plus why are you so obsessed with Schweppe? He’s a mere mino in the pond full of large mouth bass.

    Ed. Note: Yet amazingly you continue to read and comment at this “boring ass blog”, which probably says more about you than me. 😀 But hey Ian, why don’t you tell me something interesting that Schilling has done or said recently that I could link to—I don’t see him doing a heckuva lot except laying low.

  5. What happened Ian—couldn’t find anything interesting that Schilling did or said?

    I’m not surprised—he’s about as exciting as a slice of white bread slathered with mayo.

  6. So now you are a Mellon fan? When does the Aaron Schock bashing begin? Or is his FEC report too much for you? Or maybe it’s his genuine popularity in the IL 18.

  7. If he’s so boring…why do you keep writing about him? Maybe an obsession? No mention of Rutherford? I guess its all about da Woz baby!

  8. You must be new here HTGT because otherwise you would have known that I am a long time fan of Rob Mellon—as are many of my readers. I looked it up and Mellon made his first comment here on June 9, 2007, well ahead of the Schillites, but we were talking about him even before that. I’m always rooting for the underdogs, and if you recall in ’10 it was Schilling who was the underdog and I was rooting for him then, too. Unfortunately he turned out to be just another lying hack, but they can’t all be winners. I don’t have an opinion about Schock except to say that he is a monster ILGop star and talent. I saw him in Quincy and he was impressive. I fully expect him to win, but so what? I’ll still root for Mellon.

    Willy, I write about Schilling because he is the new! improved! Phil Hare and just as I loved to mock and needle Hare I will continue to mock and needle Schilling. That doesn’t mean Schilling is interesting or exciting, it just means he is an easy target—like the Philster.

    Don’t know what your point is about Rutherford. I did a post about his “problems” on January 31 called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and on February 10 called “Crabs In a Bucket II”. Again, what’s your point?

    And yes, The Woz is my new mania because as I posted earlier, he does a lot with a little $$$ by using social media to his advantage. Unlike Schilling who seems to be sitting with his thumb up his keester waiting for The Flawless.

  9. I give you credit Editor. You are a true American and keep up on events. Keep on writing.

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