So You Gotta Let Me Know, Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

In an interview with Illinois Review, Illinois Republican Senator Dave Syverson, Chairman of the GOP Surrender Caucus is demanding Brady and Rutherford quit the race for governor in order to let Rauner and Dillard go mano a mano in the primary because:

“Having Bruce Rauner at the head of the ticket will bring out the Democrats and union forces, and we’ll lose good Republican candidates down the ticket like Bobby Schilling and Mike Bost in the General [Election].”


The Syverson hysterical fear mongering continues:

1. Rauner has not been vetted

2. Democrats have resources to run continual attack ads funded by their Big Labor allies

3. Conservatives will split the vote among Dillard-Rutherford-Brady so Rauner will win the primary causing Quinn to win the General

4. Syverson touts Dillard as being the ideal candidate because he is boring, but at least he has a squeaky clean record

5. Fears rerun of Jack Ryan debacle and the “gotcha” media with the unvetted Rauner

Etc. but you get the picture. Syverson then lays down the Understatement Of The Year:

“Illinois Republicans aren’t known for standing by media-attacked candidates.”

Which means that the Democrat’s allies in the press have the power to pick which GOPer gets to run, rather than the voters being The Deciders.

Isn’t THAT really the problem here, rather than Rauner?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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