Pat Quinn Doesn’t Think The Illinois Unemployment Rate Is High Enough

In full election mode pandering, Pat Quinn announced he is having his budget team draft legislation that would require all workers to have two earned sick days.

Sez Quinn:

“I really feel we have to be a lot more humane and our proposal of two sick days a year for folks who work hard, I think that is pretty reasonable and I think it is really in the interests for all.”

Especially in the interest of Pat Quinn. Especially in an election year. Especially since he has such extensive experience in business management. Especially since all businesses are just like the sweat shops in a Dickens novel and therefore not “humane”. And it especially falls upon the kindly, benevolent government to control these inhumane enterprises since there are absolutely no other rules, regulations, laws or mandates controlling these rogue entities.

Yes, nothing shouts “y’all come” to the business community like yet another government mandate.

But what difference does it really make? With Illinois flush with cash, bills paid on time, pensions full, unions satisfied, low unemployment and the government smoothly chugging along, Quinn obviously doesn’t think the state needs more business—after all, he can just raise taxes, rather than spur growth.

Isn’t that the Democrat way?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Pat Quinn Doesn’t Think The Illinois Unemployment Rate Is High Enough”

  1. Bruce Rauner was in the ILQCs yesterday and according to QCOnline in a report about an editorial meeting with Rauner:

    1. Wants merit pay for teachers

    2. Term limits

    3. 401ks to replace pensions for new workers

    4. Cut taxes

    5. Loosen regulations

    6. Reform Worker’s Comp, etc.

    In other words, he is running as The Anti-Quinn. No word on how he plans to push this stuff through a Dem controlled legislature, but maybe if he hangs in there long enough, he can win through attrition.

    Juicy quote:

    “We’re just full of red tape, fees, restrictions, hassle, bureaucracy…We just make running, starting and operating a business a pain in the rear.”

    Oh yeah, and he called Illinois government a “cesspool of patronage.”

    What’s not to like about this guy? 🙂

  2. Two concerns. First like you stated how would he gonna get most of that legislation through. Unless there is a complete upheaval of the Illinois legislature probably not. Second is he the real deal or just chirping a singsong.

  3. This is just my impression, but I think Mike Madigan is a pragmatic, moderate to conservative Dem and as such might see a chance to get some things done with Rauner who obviously knows how to accomplish things—at least in the private sector.

    Maybe, maybe not, but as you suggest the status quo ain’t working for a whole bunch of people in Illinois and if you tied the brains of Quinn, Rutherford, Brady and Dillard together they would not be able to come up with one new idea on how to improve employment, create jobs, etc. All four of them have been long time members of The Establishment Party and as such are part of the problem. If any of them knew how to fix what is wrong in Illinois it would have been done by now.

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