Als ik Kan

In my view, the QC GOP candidate who was doing the most for less is Jim Wozniak. When I checked the records it looks like he only has around $15,000 in campaign cash. I could be wrong since I always have trouble navigating these government sites, but even if true, he is making the most of what he has, which is social media. I check in almost daily to his campaign website and he has something fresh to offer on his twitter almost every day. I have no idea about the 71st race—I’ve heard it was gerrymandered for the GOP, but the sources may have been unreliable. Anyway, bravo to Jim for running his campaign als ik kan.

In the 17th CD, Team Bobby is finally firing up with a few press releases on his website, but apparently he is still waiting for The Flawless in order to proceed full force. Or maybe he’s anticipating a nasty, brutal long fight and is marshaling his resources. Or maybe he’s just out of ideas—he couldn’t very well do another Bobs For Jobs type push again since the results of the original were hardly stellar.

We won’t know who will be running against Verschoore in the 72nd until after the primary, but I do hope the RICO GOP poobahs give the ultimate candidate enough time to plan and hit the road running—but you know how they are, so who knows?

Anderson isn’t doing much either. Maybe he considers himself cannon fodder and the impossibility of ousting an entrenched politician like Mike Jacobs as Mission Impossible so doesn’t feel justified in expending much energy on his campaign.

On the other hand, in the 18th CD, Rob Mellon is going balls out against Schock and whoever his primary opponent is.

Here’s his schedule for tomorrow:

9:15 Radio interview

10:30 Press conference in Quincy to unveil “comprehensive jobs plan”

2:00 Interview in Bloomington

5:30 Presidents Day Dinner in Peoria

Mellon is back to being a Democrat and it would seem to be a doomed enterprise going up against a political god like Schock in a district gerrymandered for him, but Mellon isn’t waiting for flawless, he is throwing himself into the contest with determination, enthusiasm and—ideas! He is running a real and honest als ik kan campaign—and power to him.


Author: qcexaminer

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3 thoughts on “Als ik Kan”

  1. Jim’s great. He’s way smarter than charismatic. I know he’s not a Bobby guy and I’m comfortable with that. The best part is that he’s been running for office since law school so he’ll know what’s up.

  2. Jax, why isn’t Woz a “Bobby guy”? Initially I preferred McKinley too, but I don’t see that much difference between them—why would Schilling pick one over the other?


    Quincy Journal has a report about Mellon’s jobs plan. It looks like a combination of GOP and Dem policies and Mellon describes it as such. Of course there is the usual sop to the left with a tax increase for those making over $1.5M a year. I can’t imagine that will raise much revenue, but it’s the thought that counts. 😀

  3. Schilling had no dog in that race, despite rampant speculation on this blog. Woz and B-Schil get along fine. Bobby had a couple former staffers who knew Jeff personally and helped him get his campaign going…and that was all before Woz announced.

    I know it makes it less interesting, but there was never any real drama to this primary. Everyone is all aboard the Woz-train now.

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