This Could Explain Why Obama Won A Second Term

1 in 4 Americans are unaware that the Earth circles the sun.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “This Could Explain Why Obama Won A Second Term”

  1. The reason United State President Barack Obama was re-elected is because more voters cast votes for him than the loser he ran against (Mitt Romney). That seems clear enough!

  2. Obama was re-elected .. because more STUPID voters cast votes for him” there, fixed it for you Randy. lol

    They say “circles”, and in the article it says “revolves around”. They don’t seem to know the word “orbits”. The orbit is not circular but elliptical. But even that is imperfect because of our constant dance with the moon.

    And though they mock stupid people that think earth is the center of the universe, that they think we move in a circle indicates maybe THEY think the sun is the center of the universe. But most astronomers believe the universe is expanding, so we are moving in some sort of elliptical spiral away from the big bang point, with some little bumps in the ellipse when big planets come close by.

    I’m just being pedantic. “Circles the sun” might be kinda OK, but since they are mocking stupid people, it seems they should be more exact in their language.

    The survey I’m sure also asked about global warming, so if you don’t believe Gore’s ridiculous movie, they’ll call you a knuckle-dragger, yet they are the idiots on that question. But it would require a two by four to remove the smugness from their face. 🙂

    I think this is an older version …

  3. Speaking of stupid people, a new study shows that Democrats are far more likely to believe in astrology than Republicans.

    Which makes sense when you consider that the most ardent believers in the junk science known as made made “climate change” are also Democrats!

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