Who’s Really Destroying Democracy

You know how the Democrats are always whining about and denouncing the Citizens United decision, claiming it destroys democracy, even though that ruling took restrictions off unions, not just corporations?

Opensecrets.org did a study that tallied all top donors in federal elections from 1989-2014 and you’ll never guess the top contributor to political campaigns—the leftwing ActBlue–by a wide margin with AFSCME, which gets its $$$$ from unwilling taxpayers coming in at a strong second.

The demonized Koch Bros. came in at #59, but 6 of the 10 top contributors to political campaigns were aligned with Big Labor which gave overwhelmingly to Democrats. The rest were from Big Business like AT&T, Goldman Sachs which also give heavily to Democrats, but at least spread it around a little.

So the next time you see some leftwinger whining about the Koch Bros., don’t get mad or frustrated—just hit ’em with facts.

Not that facts will change their thinking, but at least you will have done your part to educate the ignorant.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Who’s Really Destroying Democracy”

  1. It seems accusing the right of the very thing they (the left) are doing is their standard operating procedure. From the top 25, I counted 32 donkeys and only three elephants. No wonder the left keeps electing far left con men, and passing unpopular bills. They racketeer and buy influence.

    Obama has 95% of media covering up his every lie, yet he constantly bitches and moans about the evil FOX news that dares expose him on occasion.

    The left has owned media, Hollywood, and outside money for so long, they’ve become oligarchs that will go to war to keep “we the people” from exposing their con game.

    I’m really tired of guys like O’Reilly scolding the right, claiming “he KNOWS” that Obama is honest and sincere and means well. These leftist asses would gladly send millions off to gulags if they could get away with it.

  2. As Ann Coulter said, Obama would have been impeached by now if he wasn’t the First Black President ™.

    And now it’s starting all over again with Hillary where the press is deeming criticism and looking into her past and personal life as “off limits” and—wait for it—SEXIST!

    After enduring what will be 8+ years of any criticism of Obama being deemed racist, I don’t think any person who isn’t a hard-core Democrat will be looking forward to 4-8 years of Hillary and her Horn Dog Hubby.

    Spare us, O Lord!

  3. The leftwingers now have a billionaire they call the “liberal analogue” to the Kock Bros.–Tom Steyer a former hedge fund manager who plans to pour $100M into the midterms to promote candidates who think his way on global warming. Unfortunately, climate change is at the bottom of the public’s list of pressing problems, but hey, it’s only money—HIS money, and besides, Steyer can feel good about himself, which is what liberalism is all about.

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