The Wussification Of American Women

The New York Times had a recent article on the current hysteria about out-of-control rape on college campuses.

By way of offering helpful advice to victims and drawing in the general public, they claim the best way for a woman to avoid rape on campus is to rely on the kindness of strangers, or “bystander intervention” as they call it. Yes, really. Everybody else needs to step up to the rape prevention plate except the delicate flower passive victims who are evidently too stupid and/or weak to defend themselves.

Other “helpful” advice given in the article to avoid rape is turning on the lights and/or turning off the music at parties, spilling a drink on the skeezy perv, have an accomplice say there is a hot gal downstairs who really, really wants to do you, or (and this is my favorite) have a female friend approach you and the perv saying “here’s the tampon you asked for”.

Further, this is what passes for “sexual assault” now on college campuses: “actual or threatened physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or economic abuse”. OK, I get the actual physical, sexual abuse, but what’s up with the other stuff? If some perv threatens you verbally, why not just give him a hearty f*ck off and leave it at that? And what is “economic abuse”? Threatening to take away your allowance? Hokum on steroids!

Gentle readers, you cannot make this bullshit up!

I don’t want to get all nostalgic about my youth in college, but this stuff just wouldn’t happen. For one reason, even though our mothers would have been appalled to even mention rape, there was an active girl network advising which pervs to avoid. Also, for the most part, we had the common sense not to get falling-down drunk with a bunch of guys we didn’t know—now that would be considered sexist. For another reason, rather than dialogue or whine or demand strangers or the nanny state save us, we understood the one thing a perv could grasp, even when drunk—-a swift kick in the nether regions. Even if we were too drunk to connect, the pervs got the message. Men don’t respect women now because women don’t demand it.

After 50 years of feminism, which was supposed to empower us, not make us helpless weenies, the current construct is to force women to become Blanche DuBois—dependent on the kindness of strangers—I am woman, hear me roar belongs to a distant era before Daddy Government was our protector.

Jeez ladies, man up!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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