They Eat Their Own

Among the many reasons the Illinois GOP has become a super-minority is crystalized with the GOP candidate for Treasurer and long time House minority leader Tom Cross’s comments to Phil Hare’s favorite columnist, Bernard Schoenburg:

“…[the GOP] have done, I think, a very miserable job of reaching out to young people. I think we scare women. I thing we sometimes scare men,…And I think we’ve done a pretty lousy job on outreach to minorities.”

Does Cross really think Democrats will vote for him if he bashes his own party? Does he think Republicans will? What is his target group here—self-hating Republicans? Well, that might be a powerful demographic in Illinois.

Nationally, the GOP is doing fine; 29 governors; 24 legislatures, control of the US House—and purse strings.

For Cross, it appears that Reagan’s 11th Commandment is long gone and in its stead is MSN/Democrat talking points.

In Texas we will continue to win with a broad demographic appeal to our electorate; in Illinois it seems you intend to win by pandering to Democrats and their talking points and their special interests.

Yeah! Democrat-Lite!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “They Eat Their Own”

  1. Why criticizing Republican Leader Tom Cross for pointing out the obvious? Fact is, Dab Rutherford is doing everything he can to high-lite hypocrisy in the Republican Primary. Rutherford claimed he was “straight”, but and when he could not find what he wanted on the street, he pressured people that work for him into performing. Is Rutherford really so hard up that he can’t find a nice fellow on his own?

    Democrats vote for LGBT issues, but apparently Republican candidates for Governor are full fledged members of the LGBT community. Can Congressman “Look at My Six- pack Abs” Shock be far behind?

    Republican hypocrisy…PRICELESS!

  2. This is what I hate about blogging and about 99% of my commenters—partisan hackery on steroids because Democrats are NEVER hypocrites–or bigots—or homophobes—or racists—or sexists—or anything but pure and holy.


  3. Cross’ comments are the consequence of 20 years of losing. You learn to change with the electorate instead of the other way around.

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