Conundrum Of The Day

Victor Davis Hanson:

“…one of the strangest things about illegal immigration is that a nation that is monitored, taped, videoed, and bugged, that is struggling now with the AP, IRS, and NSA scandals whose common theme is excessive government intrusion in our private lives, knows absolutely nothing about those who arrive illegally into the U.S.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Conundrum Of The Day”

  1. “Political Correctness” is an enemy of the state. We should use biometrics to ID every illegal we find, even if it is via hidden trail cams on known smuggling routes, and certainly for those we catch and release constantly. But they call that racist or something.

    It really is treasonous that the left opens every gateway it can to keep the flow of illegals open, and to keep them here and fight for their amnesty. Americans give up looking for jobs, but the left demands more cheap labor from Mexico, that will vote Democrat but work off the books.

    Mexicans already accept corrupt socialists running their government, so the left wants to displace the “evil” white capitalists with compliant illegals. Of course beyond the Mexicans that will do hard field work and be good nannies (illegally, with taxpayer supported benefits), there is all the drug trade and human trafficking. That money also finds a home in buying American influence.

    So they feel up kids and cute white chicks at airports, under pretense of national security, but don’t you dare complain about illegal aliens getting Obamacare, because THAT is racist profiling. sheesh

    I’m guessing “strangest” is Hanson’s euphemism for “most corrupt”.

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