Pandering To The Terrorist Wing Of The Democrat Party…

the Obama Administration changed immigration law allowing immigrants who supported terrorists into the United States.

What could possibly go wrong?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Pandering To The Terrorist Wing Of The Democrat Party…”

  1. They think we don’t want to miss the opportunity of importing someone just because they sold a hamburger to a terrorist once … but I think if they were that close to terrorist land, they might have actually known the terrorist. Why take ANY risk?

    Do we really have a shortage of legit immigrants? We are backlogged with good people. But they want to import terrorist connected jerks, and illegals. We were actually warned specifically about the Boston bombers, yet they were overlooked, and put on welfare. Meanwhile the one brother traveled back and forth to the terrorist infested region near Russia, which they claimed they had to flee for their lives.

    The only logical conclusion is Obama is trying to destroy our country. That fits for almost every decision he makes, from blocking veterans from their own monuments to supporting the Muslim Brotherhood (of which al Qaeda is a branch) to free expensive health care for illegals.

    As Rep. Lewis yelled to Obama at the SOTU, “You Lie”.

  2. So much of what Obama does makes no logical sense. As with demanding religious people fund contraceptives they consider immoral, this “let’s get more terrorist immigrants in the country” reeks of Obama being childish and petty.

    Pregnancy is NOT the #1 health concern in the country, and if Obama wanted to make some meds “free” he could have picked many that would have saved more lives—not that pregnancy is life-threatening in the 21st Century. Maybe just “lifestyle threatening”.

    I think this terrorist immigrant thing is in the same vein—if the GOP won’t cave to amnesty for all, by gawd, he’ll just flex his muscles and show who’s boss and let some REAL undesirables in.

    Obama has the emotional maturity level of a 12 year old and situations like these just make the case.

    I will be so glad when he’s gone—at least some of his policies will live on, but we can get to work on cleaning up the mess the next president and legislature will inherit.

    Unless Hillary wins—then all bets are off! 😀

  3. He is certainly a petulant child, but he was raised “knowing” the evils of capitalism, and his second mentor Rev. Wright said “God Damn America”, and he pushed the Muslim Brotherhood on Egypt, and is surrendering our gains in Iraq.

    He seems to have deep hate for WASPy America, and thinks the world would be better if we were weaker, rather than a world leader. He wants to destroy our sole superpower status, and turn us toward those socialist hells he praises as utopia.

    Clintons made their dirty deals with the Chinese, and misogynist Bill should have been impeached for that instead of the Monica lies, yet they are still a powerful couple somehow. Hard to tell what will be left if the Clinton mob gets the reins again.

  4. I’ve been wrong many times before, but I can’t help but think that by the time President LightWorker has finished his destructive second term, the public will have had a gut full of liberalism and will have no enthusiasm for Hillary and the third term of the Obama Administration.

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